About Transit Supportive Guidelines

Pace provides suburban bus transit service throughout the six-county Chicagoland region. It covers over 3,600 square miles of diverse urban, suburban and rural landscape with 193 fixed bus routes and 372 paratransit buses. In 2010, Pace provided a total of over 35 million rides. What is remarkable is that Pace provides many of these rides in some of the most challenging environments for transit – moderate to low density automobile dominated places with minimal or no pedestrian infrastructure.

The goal of the Transit Supportive Guidelines for the Chicagoland Region is to foster reliable, efficient, convenient, and accessible transit in communities throughout the Chicago region that are served by Pace Suburban Bus Transit. By shaping the built environment to support all modes of movement – from the transit vehicle itself to pedestrians walking down the street or to the front door of their destination – a more effective regional transit service can enhance the quality of life for Chicagoland’s citizens.

These Guidelines present principles and standards that may be implemented by municipalities, designers, engineers, and many others. Ultimately, it is Pace’s vision to provide a higher level of bus service to places that actively remove barriers to transit as a viable transportation choice.