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In 2002, Pace adopted Vision 2020: The Blueprint for the Future, which has served as the agency's guiding planning document throughout the past couple decades. Vision 2020 called for many ambitious major initiatives such as Expressway-based services, new vehicle technologies, and arterial rapid transit service now known as Pulse.

In 2020, the agency will present Driving Innovation: The Pace Strategic Vision Plan. This plan will succeed Vision 2020 and guide new and updated programs, services, and initiatives for the coming years.

Pace is currently developing the first version of this plan, which will be released in early 2020 for public review. At that time, we will solicit public comment and meet with area stakeholders to present the plan's recommendations and findings. Working with our local partners and readers like you, Pace will integrate external feedback and formally adopt the plan in late 2020.

Using a forward-thinking set of service and organizational goals and objectives, the plan will outline a strategy for developing transit corridors throughout Northeastern Illinois, supported by proposed improvements to technology platforms, "new mobility" solutions, and a comprehensive set of new policies, programs and initiatives.

Targeted corridors will identity where future Pulse services will be pursued as well as other important corridors where Pace and local partners can work together to improve connectivity and accessibility to public transit service.

Importantly, the plan will outline a preliminary Service Standards Framework. Such a framework will specify the type and level of transit service Pace would provide to any given community or area, based on transparent and measurable metrics of demand for service. Moreover, Pace will explore strategies with communities interested in increasing demand for transit and increasing ridership, while concurrently develop strategies for providing lower-cost coverage-based service for communities that do not desire or benefit from fixed-route service.

Please check back on this page in the coming months for additional information as the study is concluded and the draft Driving Innovation plan published.

In the meantime, Pace planning initiatives continue to be guided by Vision 2020, which you can learn more about by clicking on the links to the left.

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