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Pace leads the region in in overall customer satisfaction

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The results of the 2016 Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) customer satisfaction survey are in and Pace is proud to report that it received the highest overall customer satisfaction rates in the region. 88% of respondents were satisfied with Pace's overall service and 90% were likely to continue riding Pace buses a year from now. 89% of respondents were likely to recommend Pace to others.

This survey gave customers the opportunity to report overall satisfaction and evaluations of 33 attributes that explored various aspects of service delivery, employee performance, personal safety, information and communication, and cleanliness and comfort. Similar to the last regional survey, conducted in 2013, most respondents were very satisfied with Pace employees' performance. 94% of respondents were satisfied with the drivers' safe driving.

Respondents were particularly satisfied with the ease of fare payment (94%), which increased by six percentage points since 2013 when the transition to Ventra had just begun. Additionally, respondents were extremely satisfied with the information and communication provided by Pace. Ninety-four percent (94%) of respondents are satisfied with the ease of understanding schedules and routes.

"We owe these high marks to the hard work of the Pace team, especially our bus operators," said Pace Board Chairman Richard Kwasneski. "We're committed to maintaining this level of service and we're working to address areas of customer concern."

Respondents were less satisfied in categories concerning bus service frequency (76%) and buses running on time (74%). Only 70% of respondents indicated they were satisfied with their comfort while waiting at the bus stop and 67% were satisfied with the availability of bus shelters.

Ongoing projects to improve passenger amenities and on-time performance aim to address those service issues. By 2019, Pace expects to convert every route to posted-stops-only operations, which will make service more efficient and reliable. The implementation of bus-on-shoulder operations in the I-55 corridor has improved service dependability and attracted new riders. Similar operations will soon be available along segments of I-90 and I94.

Additionally, technologies like Transit Signal Priority (TSP) will soon be available on more routes and will help buses spend less time sitting at red lights, thus improving travel times and schedule adherence. Efforts to erect more bus shelters have resulted in 32 additional shelters going up this year, adding to the over 1500 existing shelters. Pace will continue to work with communities to install safe, comfortable passenger waiting areas.

The survey effort was sponsored by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), which oversaw the interaction with the contractor, RSG, and aided in the development of the surveys, design, administration, and coordination with the Service Boards.

For more information see this handout or visit the RTA 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey webpage.


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