Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/1 et seq. provides the right to inspect or copy public records. Requests for inspection or copying of public records must be made in writing and should be directed to:

Christopher P. Lyons
Freedom of Information Officer
550 W. Algonquin Rd.
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005
by Email:

No fee is charged for the first 50 pages of black and white, letter or legal sized copies requested. Thereafter, the fee for black and white, letter or legal sized copies is 15 cents a page, and the actual cost is charged for reproducing copies in color or a size other than legal. The cost for certifying a record is $1.00.

Record requests are listed on the pages linked below.

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Freedom of Information Act Requests Received in 2019

January 2019

Requestor Records Requested Response
NFI Parts Bid Results for RFQ 418966 Fulfilled
Bruce Farrell Dorn Law Misc. Video Denied (Unduly Burdensome)
Cook DuPage Transportation. Chicago ADA Contract Extensions Fulfilled
Disparti Law Group Video Re. 6/20/18 Incident Fulfilled
Dolores Smith Trip Details Fulfilled
Linda Kachold Trip Expenses Fulfilled
Paul Enyeazu Bus Inspection Denied (Improper Request)
ABC Companies Misc. Bid Results Fulfilled
Garden Center Services Trip Details Fulfilled
Heritage Village Condo Assoc. Addition of Bus Shelters Denied (Improper Request)
Andre Kristopans Info. Re. Community Vehicles Fulfilled
Melinda Powell Trip Details Fulfilled
Janek Corp. Bid Tabs for RFQ Nos. 418832-418833 Fulfilled
Matthew & Drnovsek Law, LLC Contracts with SCR Transportation. Fulfilled
Chicago Reporter Uniform Reports of DBE Commitments/Awards and Payments Forms Fulfilled
Bruce Farrell Dorn Law Video of 11/15/16 Incident Fulfilled
Cook DuPage Transportation Billing Reconciliation Sheets Fulfilled
NFI Parts Bid Tabulations for RFQ No. 418579 Fulfilled
Paylocity Current Payroll Contract with ADP Fulfilled
Chicago Trolley South Cook County Paratransit Services Contract Fulfilled
Goldberg Weisman Cairo Video of 12/15/18 Incident Denied (Improper Request)
Award Concepts Bid Tabulations for IFB Nos. 412376 & 412377 Fulfilled
Clara Lois Robinson Trip Details Fulfilled
CVR Toner, etc. Bid Results for IFB No. 417831 Fulfilled
Kirks Misc. Bid Results Fulfilled
Cook DuPage Transp. Billing Reconciliation Sheets Fulfilled
LAF Chicago Info Re. 8-19-18 Incident Fulfilled
Kirks Bid Results for RFQ No. 419047 Fulfilled

February 2019

Requestor Records Requested Response
Jimmie Williams Trip Details Fulfilled
Debra Crestoni A/I Report from 1/26/19 Incident Fulfilled
Dretha Miller Trip Details Fulfilled
Renee Palmer Unknown Denied (Improper Request)
Glen Lerner Law Video of 12/26/18 Incident Fulfilled
El Dorado National Calif. Bid Tabs for RFP No. 418040 Denied (Active Procurement)
The Herald-News Video of 2/6/19 Incident Fulfilled
Disparti Law Group Video of 9/10/18 Incident Fulfilled
Electromark Results of RFQ No. 418698 Denied (Active Procurement)
Gwendolyn Carr Info. Re. 2/14/19 Incident Fulfilled
Keith Jones Trip Details Fulfilled
Jerry Humphrey Trip Expenses Fulfilled
J. Brandt Recognition Bid Tabs for IFB Nos. 412376 and 412377 Fulfilled
ABC Companies Misc. Bid Results Fulfilled
Janice Goldman Trip Details Fulfilled
Bruce Farrell Dorn Law Video of 10/31/16 Incident Fulfilled
Burke, Warren McKay Pension Info. Fulfilled
Janek Corp. Bid Tabs Fulfilled
D&W Diesel Bid Results Denied (Improper Format)
A Mann & Hummel Bid Results Fulfilled