You're Safe and Secure with Pace

Pace accessible bus service

Pace is committed to providing safe, efficient and reliable transit services to all residents of northeastern Illinois. Click here to learn more about our accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Our service is safe and secure.

Pace makes every effort to ensure that all bus stops are in a safe location, and that riders feel secure while waiting for the bus. Many bus stop shelters in Chicago and the suburbs are illuminated at night. Other Pace stops without shelters have solar-powered lamps that can be activated by a waiting passenger.

Pace's Intelligent Bus System (IBS) enables GPS tracking of every bus in the system. In any problem situation, a Pace Supervisor and/or Police or Fire personnel can be dispatched to the exact location of the emergency.

Bus Operators have received specialized training in recognizing and reporting suspicious persons, objects, or behaviors. As a result, criminal acts aboard Pace buses are extremely rare.


If you see a suspicious person, package, or activity on the bus, alert the operator immediately. Remember, safety and security is everyone's responsibility. Learn more about our Transit Watch program

  • If situations prevent you from alerting the driver and you see a serious crime being committed or a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 to report the problem when it is safe to do so.
  • Be prepared to give the bus route number and the direction of the traveling bus. The bus fleet number also helps identify the bus (located above the operators' area). Fleet numbers are also located on the exterior backside of the bus.

Safe Rider Tips

Pace works hard to ensure your safety on every trip. Bus drivers undergo extensive training to ensure your safety onboard the vehicle. We ask that all passengers do their part as well and abide by the following when using Pace services:

  • Never run after or next to a moving bus or vehicle.
  • Hold on to your child when boarding and exiting the bus.
  • When boarding, wait for the vehicle to come to a full stop before approaching it.
  • Move aside for exiting passengers.
  • Watch your step, especially at night or in wet or icy weather.
  • Take a seat if possible; use handrails/handholds if there are no seats available.
  • Safely secure carryon items and fold strollers for passenger safety.
  • Please ring bell/pull cord one block before your stop to allow the operator enough time to bring the bus to a safe stop.
  • Wait for bus to come to a complete stop before moving to exit.
  • Exit through the rear doors whenever possible.
  • If you drop something when exiting, don't reach for it until the bus drives away.
  • Never walk in front of a bus after exiting. Please wait until the bus drives away before crossing a street. Obey all pedestrian traffic ordinances.
  • In terminals, never walk in the areas where buses are maneuvered to/from boarding areas.
  • Be mindful of your possessions.

Passenger Courtesy

Everyone can enjoy a pleasant ride by respecting fellow riders and adhering to Pace's policies. If you witness policy violations, please notify your bus operator immediately.

  • There is no smoking, eating or drinking
  • Listening to audio/video devices without headphones is not permitted
  • Refrain from profanity
  • Please do not use more than one (1) seating space; non-priority seats are open to any rider
  • Priority seating is for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Remain in seat or hold on to handrails/handholds while bus is in motion
  • Do not talk to the operator while the bus is in motion unless it is an emergency.
  • If you're traveling with children please be sure that they are seated for the entire bus trip.


Highest Vanpool Safety Standards

  • Click here to see Vanpool driver requirements
  • All vehicles receive regular safety inspections.
  • The vans come equipped with airbags, backup alarms, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and reflector kit.


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