Fixed Route Bus System

Pace's fixed-route bus service conveniently carries commuters throughout the suburbs using a set schedule and routing. With approximately 200 fixed routes serving more than 220 communities in the six county area, Pace provides fast and economical service to employment centers, hospitals, shopping centers and many other attractions.

Bus Basics

Plan Your Trip

The RTA provides trip planning services by phone (836-7000 using any Chicagoland area code) and web ( that include instructions for riding Pace, CTA and Metra. Depending on your destination, it may be necessary to use a combination of Pace, CTA and Metra services. Ask the phone operator or review your online itinerary to identify transfer locations. Transfers between Pace services and between Pace and CTA services are only available when using a Ventra Card. Please note that Pace transfers cannot be used on Metra.

Pace was the first transit agency in northeastern Illinois and the second in the state to achieve a fully accessible fixed route bus fleet. Pace's accessible service includes buses that "kneel"and are equipped with ramps for accessible boarding, designated priority seating areas for people with disabilities and older adults, as well as wheelchair securement areas, and automated audio and visual route identification and stop announcements. Additionally, Pace's new shelter program provides for the ability to install new shelters that are fully accessible as well as retrofitting old shelters for accessibility.

Boarding the Bus

Passengers should board Pace buses by waiting at a posted bus stop sign. On some Pace routes, riders may board a bus by flagging it down (waving to it) at any safe intersection along the route. Please see the published route schedule for more information on what rules may apply to the route you wish to ride.

As the bus approaches, note the route number on the destination sign on the front of the bus, above the windshield. If it is the bus you want, wave to the bus operator so he/she knows you'd like to board.

  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop
  • Allow exiting riders to get off the bus first
  • Move onto the bus using available handrails
  • Pay the appropriate fare

How to Pay

Ventrais the fare payment system for Pace and the CTA. Riders are encouraged to get a Ventra Card and register a transit account at or by calling 1.877.NOW.VENTRA. Registered Ventra Card users can load multi-day passes and transit value to their card, and they can have their balance protected if the card is lost or stolen.

Riders can pay their fare by using their Ventra Card or cash. Cash payments are put in the fare box as indicated in Photo 1 below. Exact fare is required. The operator does not carry change. To pay with a Ventra Card, tap it on the reader as indicated in Photo 2 below. Transfers are not available when paying with cash, but they are available when using Ventra transit value.

Photo 1: Pace Farebox

Photo 2: Ventra Card Reader

What's New

Additional Fixed Route Bus System Information:

To find out about Pace's fixed route service in your area, please use Pace's Route Finder or the RTA's Trip Planner.

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