95th Street Corridor Transportation Plan

Project Overview

Pace's Vision 2020 Plan outlines Pace's goal to have a well-integrated system of public transportation services that meets suburban and urban travel needs within the six county area it serves. Pace is incrementally expanding its family of services throughout the region to maximize transit ridership, develop solutions to unmet transit needs, build local relationships, and make transit faster, more effective and more efficient. The 95th Street Transportation Plan study is a step in that direction.

Study Area:

The 95th Street Transportation Plan study area extends approximately 9 miles from LaGrange Road on the west to Western Avenue on the east and one-half mile north and south of 95th Street. This area consists of a mixture of commercial, residential, and institutional land uses, as well as some vacant property.


Map of  95th Street Transportation Plan area


Planning Process:

Step One - Perform Existing Conditions Analysis and Identify Stakeholders. This stage includes: assessing existing conditions; performing a market analysis, organizing a Project Steering Committee; reaching out to local organizations; and crafting and distributing a survey to identify study area issues/concerns.

Step Two - Develop and Refine Alternatives and Strategies. The goal of this step will be to select project alternatives and economic development strategies suitable to meet project goals and stakeholder concerns identified in Step One.

Step Three - Prepare Transportation Improvement Plan. The process will conclude with the development of a Transportation Improvement Plan for the 95th Street corridor.


Information Center

Study Documents:

During the 95th Street Corridor Transportation Plan study, project documents will be posted to the website. These documents may include draft and final reports, study area maps, and communication pieces such as the newsletter, project photos and graphics. Please check for updates.


Contact Us:

The study team is interested in hearing your ideas and opinions! If you have questions or comments about the study, please email us at transportation.engineer@pacebus.com.


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