Pace Illinois Route 390 Tollway Corridor Service Study

Project Overview

Pace′s Illinois Route 390 (IL 390) Tollway Corridor Service Study evaluated and identified public transit service options in response to the construction of the new toll road system as part of the Illinois Tollway′s (Tollway) Elgin O′Hare Western Access (EOWA) Project within Pace′s existing service area. This study provides preliminary steps towards identifying opportunities for Pace to expand its services in response to the new Tollway project along with projected development and growth in the surrounding area. The study included analysis of service along IL 390 as well as other services in the general area.

The study identified an initial list of potential transit corridors in the IL 390 Study Area. Although additional analysis is needed before these corridors move toward implementation, they offer key recommendations for Pace, local municipalities, and other agencies to consider for future transit service in the area. For more information, please see this project summary handout. 


Pace will convene two committees to help guide the Corridor Service Study and to ensure recommendations included in the Corridor Service Study are feasible and successful.


Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be comprised of representatives from DuPage and Cook County Transportation Departments, the Councils of Government, Illinois Tollway, IDOT, CMAP, CTA, Metra, and RTA. The TAC will meet several times throughout the study to provide guidance, technical expertise, and assist with the development and vetting of potential service recommendations. Click here for a list of TAC members.

TAC Meeting #1 -July 26, 2016

TAC Meeting #2 -November 29, 2016

TAC Meeting #3 -February 21, 2017

TAC Meeting #4 -June 5, 2017


Local Advisory Committee (LAC)

The project team will also establish a Local Advisory Committee (LAC), which will be comprised of elected officials, civic leaders, and community representatives within the study area area and will meet in conjunction with the Tollway′s existing Elgin O′Hare Western Access Local Advisory Committee. The LAC meetings will provide an opportunity for local partners and stakeholders to provide input during the development of a feasible service plan and help build consensus among municipal leaders. Click here for a list of LAC members.

LAC Meeting #1 -August 8, 2016

LAC Meeting #2 -December 12, 2016

LAC Meeting #3 -February 27, 2017

LAC Meeting #4 -May 8, 2017


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Focus Groups

Pace will also convene two focus groups as part of the Corridor Service Study. A local business/employee focus group and local community service organizations focus group will assist with identifying and assessing prospective Pace users in the corridor and will help identify transit needs from these potential markets. These efforts will help inform the potential market and resulting service type within the corridor. Each focus group will meet once during the study. The focus groups meetings are anticipated to occur in Fall 2016.


Study Timeline




Study Area

The study area (click for full image suitable for printing).

Map of the area

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