These public comment rules are enacted pursuant to 5 ILCS 120/2.06(g). This process is applicable to all persons seeking to offer public comment at a Pace Board Meeting:

  1. Public Comment shall be permitted at each Pace Board Meeting, at a time specified or as properly modified in the meeting agenda. Comments must address items on the agenda for that meeting. All other comments may be submitted in writing to Pace Customer Relations.
  2. Each person who seeks to address the Board must sign the sign-up sheet set out prior to the Board Meeting. The Board Secretary shall tender the sign-up sheet to the Board Chairman at the call to order of the meeting.
  3. Persons will be selected on a first signed, first considered basis.

Persons selected will be allowed to offer Public Comment for three (3) minutes and be advised when time has expired.

Speakers may be stopped if the comment becomes irrelevant, repetitious, or disruptive.


picture of Pace Board meeting room


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