Pace ADA Paratransit Service Guide

For Riders in the City of Chicago:

Customer Guide - Chicago

Guide for New Riders - Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions - Chicago


For Riders in the Suburbs:

Customer Guide - Suburbs

Guide for New Riders - Suburbs

Frequently Asked Questions - Suburbs


For all ADA Paratransit Riders:

This Chart highlights the differences between what Pace's paratransit driver can do, compared to what your Personal Care Attendant (PCA) can do.

This video helps explain the roles and responsibilities of the Pace paratransit driver.

If you need any of these documents in an alternative format not already provided, please contact Pace Customer Relations.



Pace Will Not Strand Paratransit Riders

Pace will never leave you stranded away from your home if you were scheduled for a paratransit ride that day. If you miss a trip, you have several options available to you:

  • Call the 24/7 ADA Paratransit Assistance Reservation Line at 1-800-606-1282, Option #3 (or TTY: 1-708-339-4062) and reserve a new ride. Pace's goal is to pick you up within 2 hours of receiving the call if the missed trip is the result of a medical appointment.
  • Call or hail a taxicab and pay with a Taxi Access Program (TAP) card (Chicago only).
  • Ride a fixed route bus or train, which is cheaper than paratransit and allows you to be on your way quickly.

Helpful Hints for Scheduling Trips

  1. If you have an appointment, be sure that the reservations agent knows of your appointment time so that they can schedule your trip appropriately. When advising your appointment time, be sure to allow yourself enough time to get from the vehicle to the actual appointment. Example: If you have to be at work or have a medical appointment at 9:00 a.m., but will need fifteen (15) minutes to get to your desk or to sign in, tell customer service that your appointment is at 8:45 a.m.
  2. Doctor's appointments are always late! When making return reservations, please schedule the return trip to leave yourself plenty of time to meet the vehicle on time.
  3. Customers who would like to cancel a trip must contact their carrier directly at least two (2) hours before the scheduled pick-up time to avoid the trip being classified as a late-cancelled trip.
  4. Same-day trip changes will only be permitted if two (2) hours' notice is provided and the carrier's schedule can accommodate the desired change.
  5. A pick up scheduled for noon is considered "on-time" if Pace's vehicle arrives by 12:20 p.m. so please plan accordingly.

For a full copy of the policy, to find out if you qualify for free rides on fixed route buses, or for information about Pace's TAP program (Chicago only), call 1-847-364-7223, Option 3.

Save Our Contact Information

Pace Customer Service: 1-847-364-7223 (Option 3)

24/7 ADA Paratransit Assistance Reservation Line: 1-800-606-1282, Option #3 (or TTY: 1-708-339-4062)

RTA Trip Planning 1-312-836-7000

Chicago Paratransit van
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