Paratransit Ride Time Information

Passenger Ride Times: What You Should Know

The Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines state that your paratransit ride must be comparable to fixed route bus service.

ADA Paratransit improvements include new vehicles
ADA Paratransit improvements include new vehicles

Among other things, this means that the time it takes to reach your destination must be reasonably similar to what it would take to use fixed route bus service to reach your destination, including transfers and the time it takes to travel to and from bus stops.

Pace's new computerized dispatch system makes it possible to group trips in order to improve efficiency. Since ADA paratransit is a public transportation service, you may be traveling on the service with other riders.

We strive to complete your trip in less time than the same trip would take on fixed route service- whether you ride by yourself or with other riders.

Pace Continues to Improve Service

We are monitoring the amount of time that trips take. If you think your trip was excessively long, you can use the form below to report the problem or call us at 1-800-606-1282, option 2. We will investigate and take corrective action if needed.

We are constantly making updates and improvements to ADA paratransit service. By improving efficiency, we can reduce the cost to operate the system and make the service more reliable for all riders. Some of the improvements already made include:

Some of the improvements already made include:

  • new Paratransit vehicles
  • upgraded telephone reservation system
  • computerized dispatching and real-time service monitoring
  • better on time performance
  • increased number of phone lines and reservations personnel

We have more phone lines and personnel, which means it's easier for you to reach a call taker.   Also, you can book trips up to 6:00 p.m. for next day service.

On-time performance is significantly better than it was under the old system - we are often at or above 90% citywide and are constantly looking for ways to raise that even higher. Our new computer system allows us to see where problems exist as they're happening so that we can correct them right away; this was not possible in the past.

Thank you for riding Pace!

Passenger Ride Time Report

If you believe your trip was excessively long, please let us know by filling in the "Passenger Ride Time Report Form" below. We promise to investigate and take corrective action.


(For other complaints, please call Pace Passenger Services at 1-800-606-1282, option 2.)


Passenger Ride Time Report Form

For Pace to investigate, you must provide all of the following data:

Please enter passenger's information:
ADA Passenger's Name:
RTA Eligibility ID Number:
Home Phone Number:
Home Address:
Please enter information about the ride.
Pace will be unable to investigate your report if you do not provide this information.
Date of trip to be reviewed:
Time of trip to be reviewed:
Pick-up Address:
Drop-off Address:
How long did the trip take:
(Optional, not required)

 Please enter additional information about problems related to this ride:


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