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Affordable transportation is a must for college students. Pace's comprehensive system of bus routes, combined with unlimited rides using the Campus Connection Pass, make travel to and from class, simple and affordable. With no day or time restrictions, the Campus Connection Pass takes you where you need to go after class, too! Use the RTA trip planner to find out which bus routes operate to and from your school.

The Campus Connection Pass for college students is valid for an entire semester (5 months), but can be purchased at any point during the semester at a pro-rated price. This pass is valid for unlimited rides on Pace regular fixed route and On Demand buses every day of the week at any time of day. The pass is only valid on Pace Premium routes if the rider pays a surcharge ($2.50 per trip) using Ventra transit value.

How to Buy

College students need to load the Campus Connection Pass to a Ventra Card with a college entitlement applied to his/her transit account, and use the Ventra Card to ride. Already have a college student entitlement? Visit to buy your pass!

Please see this explanation for how students can obtain that entitlement, depending on whether the student already has a Ventra Card.

Students whose schools don't distribute Ventra Cards directly to students should use this form to obtain the college entitlement.

College and university administrators who want to distribute Ventra Cards to their students should see this explanation and this order form.

Campus Connection Cost:

Purchased In: Cost
August or January  $ 175 ($125 discount compared to Pace 30-Day Pass)
September or February  $ 165 ($75 discount)
October or March  $ 140 ($40 discount)
November or April  $ 105 ($15 discount)
December or May  $   60 (no discount)

The Summer Campus Connection pass is available during the summer. The Pace Summer Campus Connection costs $140, regardless of when it is purchased. The Summer Campus Connection is valid June 1 -August 31.

 U-Pass information: The CTA U-Pass is distributed to all students at certain colleges. It is valid for unlimited rides on CTA. It is NOT valid for rides on Pace. However, a user of the U-Pass Ventra Card can add transit value to his/her account and use that value to pay for Pace rides. A U-Pass holder is automatically entitled to purchase the Pace Campus Connection Pass and load it onto his/her U-Pass Ventra Card.



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