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Bid # Category Type Description Awarded To Amount Awarded Date
419093 IT, Hardware IFB Switches, Accessories, and Support CDW Government LLC $284,490.32   11/19/2019
418728 Fixed Plant Materials (shop machinery, etc.) IFB Brake Maintenance Systems BrakeMate Ltd. $132,500.00   10/18/2019
419115 IT, Consulting IFB ServiceNow Consulting and Service Hours Computer Aid, Inc. $348,000.00   10/14/2019
419305 Vehicle Procurement, Staff IFB 50 Compact Five-Door Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) Terry's Ford Lincoln Mercury of Peotone, Inc. $1,297,150.00   10/1/2019
418642 Vehicle Procurement, Rolling Stock IFB Fifteen-Passenger Paratransit Gasoline Buses Central States Bus Sales, Inc. $13,918,650.00   9/30/2019
418818 Sale of Surplus Equipment (vehicles, etc.) RFQ Sale of 69 used Buses Sims Metal Management $49,811.00; Signature Auto Group $6,500.00. $56,311.00   9/30/2019
418867 Sale of Surplus Equipment (vehicles, etc.) RFQ Sale of 58 used buses & 1 tow truck Sims Metal Management $51,056.00   9/30/2019
419283 Sale of Surplus Equipment (vehicles, etc.) RFQ Sale of 93 used Paratransit Buses Signature Auto Group, $72,560.00; Jeffrey Nelson $4,720.00; Josh Winkle $5,190.00. $82,470.00   9/30/2019
419332 Janitorial/Cleaning Services IFB Janitorial Services at Pace Headquarters Crystal Maintenance Services Corp. $495,300.00   9/27/2019
417890 IT, Systems IFB Security Intrusion Detection Appliance & Implementation CDW Government LLC $86,260.00   9/26/2019
419374 Medical Services IFB Medical Services For Five (5) Pace Divisions Advocate Aurora Health, Inc. $428,250.00; Back To Health Chiropractic Medical Center $207,000.00; Physicians Immediate Care $84,625.00 $719,875.00   9/23/2019
418408 Medical Services RFP Vanpool Driver Physical Examinations and Drug Screens Occupational Health Center of IL dba Concentra Medical Centers $117,710.00; Physicians Immediate Care Chicago LLC $73,569.00; Advocate Aurora Health, Inc. $102,996.00 $294,275.00   9/16/2019
418761 Consulting, Service Planning LIQ Architectural/Engineering Services for Pace's Pulse Dempster Line On-Road Stations Transystems Corporation $1,488,651.04   9/13/2019
419455 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Large Riding Floor Sweeper / Scrubber Nilfisk, Inc. $320,509.63   9/12/2019
419187 Vehicle Procurement, Staff IFB Seven-Passenger Commuter Vans BCR Automotive Group dba Roesch Ford $868,737.50   9/11/2019
418791 Transportation Service RFP Fixed Route and Feeder Bus Service on Pace Routes 662, 663, 664, 665, 668 and 669 MV Transportation Inc. $3,047,482.35   8/23/2019
419431 Fuel IFB Diesel Fuel for Various Pace Facilities Petroleum Traders Corporation $14,000,000.00   8/20/2019
418162 Consulting, Other RFP Consulting Services for Design & Implementation of Joliet Express Bus Study Nelson Nygaard Consulting Association $360,351.00   8/19/2019
419164 IT, Hardware IFB Printers and Access Control Software Solution Tallgrass Systems, Ltd. $236,700.00   8/2/2019
418893 Bus Parts IFB Bus Filters Patson, Inc. dba TransChicago Truck Group $18,216.00; Suburban Truck Parts $25,845.12; Coffman Truck Sales, Inc. $31,600.80; A&A Auto Parts Store, Inc. $106,157.88; Vehicle Maintenance Program $130,144.56; Mohawk Manufacturing and Supply Co. $232,264.68 $544,229.04   8/1/2019
419114 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Large Riding Floor Sweeper/Scrubber Unique Products & Service $149,550.75   7/31/2019
418844 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies RFP Collision and Maintenance Repairs for Pace Vehicle Fleet Atlas World Class Body Shop, Inc. $3,071,142.00; Chandler Services, Inc. $3,071,142.00; Bus & Truck of Chicago, Inc. $1,000,000.00; MCI Sales and Service, Inc. $500,000.00; MTB Transit Solutions USA, Inc. $362,710.00 $8,004,994.00   7/29/2019
418871 Miscellaneous IFB Vanpool Driver Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Training American Defensive Driving School, Inc. $130,330.25   7/19/2019
418454 IT, Hardware IFB Servers and Related Equipment CDW Government LLC $186,314.52   7/19/2019
418569 Construction Projects IFB Steel Column Improvements at Pace Northwest Division Antigua, Inc. $160,487.00   7/16/2019
418439 Miscellaneous RFP Cellular Video Event Recorders for Advantage Program Vehicles Lytx, Inc. $1,433,630.00   7/10/2019
418922 Construction Projects IFB Northwest Transportation Center Phase II Mid-Life Improvements Rausch Infrastructure LLC $1,433,000.00   6/28/2019
419310 IT, Hardware IFB 4 Node Virtualized Appliance CDW Government LLC $848,600.00   6/28/2019
419029 Legal Services RFP Legal Services for Workers' Compensation Litchfield Cavo LLP $1,200,000.00; Heyl Royster Voelker Allen $800,000.00 $2,000,000.00   6/28/2019
419053 Vehicle Procurement, Rolling Stock IFB Bus Procurement for 40' Low Floor Diesel Buses New Flyer of America, Inc. $36,878,581.25   6/21/2019
419076 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Diesel Exhaust Fluid Valdes LLC $185,686.30   6/21/2019
419292 Transportation Service RFP Chicago ADA Dedicated Paratransit Services Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
419450 IT, Hardware IFB Computers, Laptops, Monitors, and Mounting Brackets Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
xxxxxx Transportation Service RFI Rideshare Pilot Program Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
419188 IT, Software IFB ServiceNow Software as a Service Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
419657 Consulting, Other RFQ Architectural-Engineering Services for River Division Bus Garage Expansion and Improvements Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
419131 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Wireless Mobile Column Lifts and Support Stands Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  




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