Commodity Code List

Refer to the Vendor application page for an explanation of how to use these codes.


Group A - Automotive Material

A01 Bus Manufacturers - City Transit
A02 Bus Manufacturers - Paratransit
A03 Power Train Equipment - to include engines, transmissions, turbo-chargers, filters, springs, bushings, gaskets, seals, etc.
A04 Chassis - to include steering, wheels and axles, mufflers, springs, air suspension, brake linings, brake drums, air dryers, air compressors, shock absorbers, belts, etc.
A05 Body - to include seating, signs, doors, floor coverings, replacement panels, glazing, latches, hinges, etc.
A06 Electrical - to include starters, generators, alternators, wiring harness, switches, fuses and circuit breakers, flashers, relays, lenses, headlights, tubes, ballasts, etc.
A07 Communications Equipment - to include radios, handsets, etc.
A08 A/C Systems - to include compressors, alternators, thermostats, etc.
A09 Fuel, Lubricants and Tanked Gases
A10 Tires and Tubes
A11 Bearings and Cones
A12 Fare Collection Equipment and Passenger Counter Devices
A13 Chemicals, Compounds and Paints - used on vehicles only; others carried under General Use Material, Group "C" General Use Material.
A14 Bus Rebuilding and Remanufacturing - but excluding body repairs, accident damage, etc. located in Group "D" Contract Services and Repairs.
A15 Component Rebuilding and Remanufacturing
A16 Auto/Truck Vehicle Procurement
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Group B - Fixed Plant Material

B01 Shop Machinery, Stationary - to include brake drum lathes.
B02 Bus Washers & Vacuums
B03 Vehicle Hoists, Jacks and Stands
B04 Shelving and Rack
B05 Doors, Overhead and Other
B06 HVAC Equipment
B07 Material Handling Equipment - to include lift trucks, pallet jacks, work platforms, dock leveling equipment, etc.
B08 Shelters, Bus - to include glazing and all components but not cleaning.
B09 Building Materials - (to include lumber, brick, cement, insulation, electrical wiring, windows and glass, etc.
B10 Landscaping Materials -(grass seed, dirt, plantings, etc. to be used by Pace personnel but excluding landscaping services which are included in Group "D", Contract Services and Repairs.
B11 Metals, Ferrous and Non-ferrous - to include bar and tube stock, structural shapes, sheet products, etc.
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Group C - General Use Materials

C01 Mill Supplies - to include hand tools, portable power tools, abrasive products, drill bits, but excluding fasteners.
C02 Fasteners - to include bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, washers, etc.
C03 Chemicals, Compounds and Paints - non vehicle use only.
C04 Janitorial Supplies - to include mops, buckets, paper towels, etc.
C05 Safety and Medical Supplies
C06 Office Supplies - to include paper, pencils, binders, etc., but excluding furniture and electrical equipment.
C07 Office Furniture, Stationary - to include chairs, desks, cabinets, etc.
C08 Office Machines - to include typewriters, copiers, calculators, etc., but not EDP equipment.
C09 Computer (EDP) Equipment - to include peripheral equipment such as printers, modems and controllers as well as mainframe units, mini computers, personal computers, software packages, etc.
C10 Printed Materials - to include route maps, tickets, transfers, timetables, posters, forms, signs, etc.
C11 Uniforms - purchased only; for rentals and cleaning see Group "D", Contract Services and Repairs.
C12 Communications Equipment - non-bus, non-EDP but to include office telephone and intercom equipment, facsimile machines, etc.
C13 Novelties and Awards - for employee recognition programs, bus rodeo events, flags and pendants and flowers for employees.
C14 Photographic Equipment
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Group D - Contract Services and Repairs

D01 Maintenance, Building - to include plumbing, electrical and other building trades but excluding cleaning, janitorial, window washing, etc.
D02 Maintenance, HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning.
D03 Maintenance, Cleaning - to include janitorial, window washing, rug cleaning, sanitation services, etc.
D04 Testing & Analysis - Fuel, lubricants, chemicals, metals, etc.
D05 Testing & Analysis - Drug and Urine Screening.
D06 Medical Services
D07 Courier & Delivery Services - except armored car services.
D08 Money Handling Services - to include armored car services, money counting, token deliveries, pass distribution, etc.
D09 Personnel Services - to include temporary help, employee search firms, etc., but excluding consultants.
D10 Leases & Rentals, Automotive - to include buses, trucks and automobiles
D11 Leases & Rentals, Other - excluding automotive.
D12 Coach Inspections - to include the inspection of new vehicles at a manufacturer's facility.
D13 Vehicle Repairs - to include body and structural repair, accident damage, but excluding vehicle and component rebuilding and/or remanufacturing covered under Group "A" Automotive.
D14 Moving Contractors
D15 Advertising Services
D16 Uniforms, Rental & Cleaning - to include work clothing, shop coats, etc., but excluding purchase of uniforms found in Group "C" General Use Material.
D17 Court Reporting
D18 Snow Removal
D19 Landscaping Services
D20 Catering Services
D21 Towing - to include buses, trucks and automobiles.
D22 Insurance Services - to include brokers.
D23 Service Agreements - Various; to include office machines, communications and EDP equipment, alarm systems, etc.
D24 Mailing Services
D25 Video Production
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Group E - Professional Services

E01 Architectural and Design
E02 Civil and Structural
E03 Electrical and Mechanical
E04 Computer Systems Design
E05 Management and Legal
E06 Financial and Audit
E07 Real Estate
E08 Soil Testing
E09 Soil Testing
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Group F - Scrap and Surplus Property Disposal

F01 Buses - to include city transit and paratransit vehicles.
F02 Trucks and Autos
F03 Computer (EDP) Equipment - to include peripheral equipment such as printers, modems and controllers as well as mainframe units, mini computers, personal computers, etc.
F04 Office Furniture, Stationary - to include chairs, desks, cabinets, etc.
F05 Office Machines - to include typewriters, copiers, calculators, etc., but not EDP Equipment.
F06 Communications Equipment - to include bus radios, base stations, etc., as well as telephone and intercom equipment, facsimile machines, etc.
F07 Shop Equipment
F08 Liquid Waste Disposal
F09 Solid Waste Disposal - to include garbage.
F10 Scrap and Surplus Bus Parts
F11 Real Estate Disposal
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Group G - Construction

G01 General Contractors
G02 Specialty Contractors
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Group H - Private Carrier Providers

H01 Fixed Route
H02 Paratransit
H03 Vanpool Procurements
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