Commodity Code List

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- to include seating, signs, doors, floor coverings, replacement panels, glazing, latches, hinges, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
915-01-00 Advertising Agency Services
915-02-00 Advertising (Notice of Bid Solicitation)
915-03-00 Advertising/Public Relations (Incl. Skywriting)
915-04-00 Advertising, Outdoor Billboard, etc.

- to include radios, handsets, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
557-23-00 Cooling System Parts and Accessories
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
906-02-00 Acoustics; Noise Abatement - Architectural Services
906-04-00 Agricultural Development - Architectural Services
906-06-00 Airports (Lighting, Fueling, Navaids) - Architectural Services
906-07-00 Architect Services, Professional
906-08-00 Automation; Controls; Instrumentation - Architectural Services
906-10-00 Buildings - Architectural Design
906-12-00 Building Sanitation - Architectural Services
906-14-00 Cemeteries, Planning and Relocation, Architectural Services
906-16-00 Chemical Processing and Storage - Architectural
906-18-00 Cold Storage; Refrigeration; Fast Freeze - Architectural
906-19-00 Concrete Architectural Services
906-22-00 Corrosion Control; Cathodic Protection; Electrolysis - Architectural
906-24-00 Desalinization (Process and Facilities) - Architectural
906-25-00 Design Build Services
906-26-00 Electronics - Architectural Services
906-27-00 Energy Management - Architectural
906-28-00 Energy Conservation; New Energy Sources (Solar, etc.) - Architectural Services
906-29-00 Environmental - Architectural
906-30-00 Fire Protection - Architectural Services
906-32-00 Fisheries; Fish Ladders - Architectural
906-33-00 Forensic - Architectural
906-34-00 Freight Handling; Materials Handling - Architectural
906-36-00 Gas Systems (Propane, Natural, etc.) - Architectural
906-38-00 General Construction - Architectural
906-40-00 Graphic Design - Architectural
906-42-00 Harbors; Jetties; Piers; Ship Terminal Facilities - Architectural
906-44-00 Heating; Ventilating; Air Conditioning - Architectural Services
906-46-00 Highways; Streets; Airport Pay-Parking Lots - Architectural
906-48-00 Historical Preservation
906-50-00 Industrial Processes; Quality Control
906-52-00 Interior Design, Space Planning, and Exhibits/Displays
906-54-00 Irrigation; Drainage; Flood Control - Architectural
906-56-00 Landscape Architecture
906-57-00 Land Development and Planning - Architectural
906-58-00 Lighting (Interior, Exterior) - Architectural Services
906-60-00 Mining and Mineralogy - Architectural
906-61-00 Models of Layouts and Buildings to Scale, Architectural
906-62-00 Petroleum and Fuel (Storage and Distribution) - Architectural
906-64-00 Planning, Urban (Community, Regional, Area wide, and State)
906-66-00 Planning, Site (Installation and Project)
906-68-00 Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution - Architectural
906-69-00 Prisons and Jails, Architectural Design Service
906-70-00 Railroad; Rapid Transit; Monorail - Architectural
906-72-00 Recreation Facilities (Parks, Marinas, etc.) - Architectural Services
906-74-00 Recycling Systems - Architectural Design
906-78-00 Security Systems; Intruder and Smoke Detection - Architectural
906-80-00 Sewage Collection, Treatment, and Disposal - Architectural
906-82-00 Solid Wastes; Disposal Systems - Architectural Services
906-84-00 Telecommunications Systems (Telephone, Radio, etc.) - Architectural
906-88-00 Towers - Architectural Services
906-90-00 Tunnels and Subways - Architectural
906-92-00 Utilities (Gas, Steam, Electric) - Architectural
906-93-00 Video Systems Design - Architectural Services
906-94-00 Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution - Architectural
907-14-00 Architectural Services, Non-Licensed (Not Otherwise Classified)
907-28-00 Communications Systems; TV; Microwave; Telephone; Computer
907-35-00 Designing Services
907-38-00 Drafting Services
907-40-00 Engineering Services, Non-Licensed (Not Otherwise Classified)
907-42-00 Geotechnical - Soils
907-72-00 Safety Engineering and Accident Studies; OSHA Studies
907-75-00 Site Assessment and Site Field Observation
907-83-00 Testing Services
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
946-54-00 Installment Purchase/Lease Purchase Financing and Lease With Option to Purchase Financing
556-10-00 Coach, Transit (Articulated)
556-15-00 Coach, Transit (Double Door)
556-20-00 Coach, Transit (Electric)
556-30-00 Coach, Transit (Mini) Conventional
556-40-00 Coach, Transit (Mini) Handicapped
556-50-00 Coach, Transit (Single Door, under 35 feet)
556-60-00 Coach, Transit (Touring) Conventional
556-70-00 Coach, Transit (Touring) Custom
556-85-00 Trolley, Transit, Rubber Tired (Compressed Natural Gas)
556-86-00 Trolley, Transit, Rubber Tired (Diesel Powered)
556-87-00 Trolley, Transit, Rubber Tired (Electric)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
550-78-00 Traffic Cones, Lane Markers, and Barricades (Portable)

- to include glazing and all components but not cleaning.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
910-69-00 Shelters, Carports, Portable Buildings, etc. Maintenance and Repair
155-76-00 Shelters, Bus Waiting

- to include lumber, brick, cement, insulation, electrical wiring, windows and glass, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
150-02-00 Adhesives, Bonding Agents and Cement Antifreeze
150-04-00 Aluminum Extrusions (For Fabricating Window and Door Screens)
150-05-00 Brick, Fire (Plastic)
150-06-00 Builder's Paper, Kraft Types (Not Felt and Tar Paper)
150-07-00 Boxes, Shoring (For Construction Worker Protection)
150-08-00 Cabinets, Counters, Shelves, etc., Ready-Made
150-09-00 Casement Window Hardware: Latches, Operators, and Handles
150-10-00 Construction Materials (Not Otherwise Classified)
150-11-00 Ceiling Coffers
150-12-00 Cement, Concrete, Lime and Plaster Mixes, Sacked (LTL Quantities) (See Class 750 for Bulk Cement, Concrete and Lime)
150-13-00 Chimney Parts and Accessories
150-14-00 Cement, Quick Setting, Sacked
150-15-00 Concrete, Polymer, All Types
150-16-00 Curing Mixtures, All Types (For Curing Concrete)
150-17-00 Chutes, Linen (Laundry)
150-18-00 Door Bells, Chimes and Hardware
150-19-00 Door Operators (Not Door Closers): Chain Hoist Type, Electric Motor Type, etc.
150-20-00 Door Openers and Parts, Electric
150-21-00 Doors, Aluminum and Glass, All Types
150-22-00 Doors and Components, Fiberglass
150-23-00 Doors and Parts, Automatic, Drive-Through Type, etc.
150-24-00 Doors and Parts, Swinging (Incl. Handicapped and Revolving Types)
150-25-00 Doors, Frames, and Jambs, Steel
150-26-00 Doors and Components, Plastic
150-27-00 Doors, Frames, and Jambs, Wood
150-28-00 Dowels, and Rods, Wood
150-29-00 Down Pipes, Eaves, Troughs, Guttering, and Accessories
150-30-00 Folding Doors, Commercial Type (Including Portable Walls)
150-31-00 Folding Doors, Residential Type (Including Portable Walls)
150-33-00 Grout, Drywall
150-34-00 Handrails, All Types
150-35-00 Hardeners, Concrete and Plaster
150-36-00 Hatch Covers, Attic
150-37-00 Jalousie Doors and Windows
150-42-00 Lath, Metal
150-43-00 Lath, Plastic
150-44-00 Lath, Wood
150-45-00 Logs, Building
150-46-00 Louvers (See Class 031 for Air Conditioning)
150-49-00 Millwork: Counters, Custom-Made Cabinets, Shelves, Stairs, etc.
150-51-00 Moldings, Metal
150-52-00 Moldings, Plastic
150-53-00 Moldings, Strips, Stops, Rounds, etc.: Wood
150-56-00 Partitions, Office, Metal and Glass, Custom-Made
150-58-00 Partitions, Office, Wood and Glass, Custom-Made
150-59-00 Pole, Post and Pipe Setting Compounds
150-60-00 Recycled Builder's Supplies Incl. Sacked Cement, Concrete, Lime and Plaster
150-61-00 Retarder, Plaster
150-65-00 Revolving Doors
150-72-00 Screen Doors and Window Screens, Aluminum Frame
150-74-00 Screen Doors and Window Screens, Steel Frame
150-76-00 Screen Doors and Window Screens, Wood Frame
150-77-00 Sliding and Rolling Doors, Commercial Type; and Hardware
150-78-00 Sliding and Rolling Doors, Residential Type; and Hardware
150-79-00 Storm Doors and Windows
150-81-00 Ties, Wall and Rafter (Not Concrete Form)
150-83-00 Tile, Wall, Metal
150-84-00 Tile, Wall, Plastic
150-85-00 Transoms, Door/Window
150-86-00 Trusses, Roof, Wooden
150-88-00 Vents, Foundation
150-89-00 Warehouse Type Doors (Impact, PVC Strip, etc.)
150-90-00 Weather Stripping, All Kinds
150-91-00 Wall Panels, Modular, Insulated
150-92-00 Windows, Frames, and Sashes, Aluminum
150-93-00 Windows, Frames and Sashes, Fiberglass
150-94-00 Windows, Frames, and Sashes, Steel
150-95-00 Windows, Frames, and Sashes, Vinyl
150-96-00 Windows, Frames, and Sashes, Wooden

- to include city transit and paratransit vehicles.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-20-00 Body Panels, Frames, Trim, and Parts

- City Transit or Para-transit

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
556-15-00 CT - Coach, Transit (Double Door)
556-40-00 PT - Coach, Transit (Mini) Handicapped

- excluding body repairs, accident damage, etc. located in Contract Services and Repairs.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
928-64-00 Reconditioning/Refurbishing Vehicles
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
545-91-00 Wash System, Three-Stage, Industrial, Stainless Steel
045-78-00 Vacuum Cleaners, Electric (Including Parts and Accessories)
928-93-00 Washing, Waxing, Polishing, Steam Cleaning, Disinfecting, etc.
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
961-15-00 Concessions, Catering, Vending: Mobile and Stationary (See Class 905 for Airport Concessions)

- to include steering, wheels and axles, mufflers, springs, air suspension, brake linings, brake drums, air dryers, air compressors, shock absorbers, belts, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
557-10-00 Axles, Including Suspension, Springs, Shocks, Struts, etc.
557-65-00 Steering Components and Parts

- non vehicle use only.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
190-18-00 Acids, Mineral: Boric, Hydrobromic, Hydrochloric, Sulfuric, etc.
190-25-00 Alcohols: Ethyl, Isopropyl, Methyl, etc., and Glycerine
190-36-00 Chemicals, Bulk (Not Otherwise Itemized)
190-40-00 Chlorinated Hydrocarbons: Methylene Chloride, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, etc.
190-42-00 Compounds, Inorganic Chemical
190-43-00 Compounds, Organic Chemical
190-46-00 Formaldehyde Solution (Formalin)
190-51-00 Heat Transfer Media, Liquid
190-55-00 Hexane and Pentane
190-57-00 Intermediates and Fixatives, Chemical
190-60-00 Ketones: Acetone, Diacetone Alcohol, Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, etc.
190-68-00 Oxidizing and Bleaching Agents
190-69-00 Oxides (Including All Oxided Substances)
190-70-00 Phenol, Liquid
190-75-00 Recycled Bulk Chemicals and Solvents
190-80-00 Silicone Fluids
190-81-00 Pentachlorophenol (Penta), Creosote Oil, and other Wood Preservatives
190-85-00 Sodium Phosphates and Polyphosphates
190-90-00 Solvents (Not Otherwise Itemized)
190-95-00 Toluene
631-57-00 Paint, Miscellaneous: Blockout, Bronzing Liquid, Environmentally Safe, Epoxy, Fluorescent, License Plate, Oil Paste, Reflective, Tint Base, Tree Pruning, USDA Approved, etc., Environmentally Certified Products
630-06-00 Caulking Compounds, Bulk or Cartridge Type

- used on vehicles only; others carried under General Use Material

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
928-57-00 Painting, Vehicle
928-47-00 General Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle (Not Otherwise Classified), to Include Oil Changes, Lubrication, Guaranteed Maintenance Programs, etc. (See 928-88 for Tune-Ups)
630-49-00 Paint, Automotive and Machinery
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
925-17-00 Civil Engineering

- to include seating, signs, doors, floor coverings, replacement panels, glazing, latches, hinges, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
928-92-00 Vehicle Inspection and Testing Services (Emissions, etc.)
961-45-00 Inspection and Certification Services

- to include radios, handsets, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
557-22-00 Communications Equipment and Accessories, Transit Bus

- non-bus, non-EDP but to include office telephone and intercom equipment, facsimile machines, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-28-00 Communication Equipment (Including Radio, Television, Telephone, VCR, Video/Audio Equipment, etc.), Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
838-32-00 Communication Devices, Multi-Function (Blackberries, Palm Pilots, PDAs, etc)
838-33-00 Communications: Networking, Linking, Fiber Modems, Power Over Ethernet, Wireless
838-34-00 Communication Security Systems
838-35-00 Communication Systems, Integrated (Includes Telephone, Clock, Intercom, etc.)
838-40-00 Controllers, Remote, Wireless, Infrared/Radio Frequency
838-45-00 Emergency Radio/Telephone Systems (411, 911 etc. Dispatch)
838-83-00 Telecommunication (Internet Protocol) Network Monitoring, Surveillance, Intrusion Detection Systems and Networking Products
838-85-00 Telecommunication Parts and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
838-86-00 Telecommunicators for the Hearing and Speech Impaired
838-96-00 Wire and Cable, Telecommunication (Not Otherwise Specified)
839-12-00 Accessories, Telephone (Not Otherwise Classified)
839-31-00 Call Answering Telephone Systems (High Volume)
839-32-00 Call Answering Telephone Systems (Low Volume)
839-35-00 Cellular Telephones (All Types)
839-40-00 Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL) Equipment
839-51-00 Microwave Equipment (See Class 045 for Household Ovens)
839-54-00 Nurse Call Systems
839-57-00 Pay Telephones
839-60-00 Poles, High Voltage Transmission
839-61-00 Poles, Telephone and Utility (All Kinds)
839-63-00 Radio Telephones (Vehicle, Marine, etc)
839-67-00 Recycled Telephone Equipment and Accessories
839-74-00 Satellite Telephones
839-77-00 Switchboards, Telephone
839-80-00 Telecommunicators and/or Display Terminals for the Hearing and Handicapped
839-83-00 Telephone Cards
839-85-00 Telephone Equipment Parts and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
839-86-00 Telephones, Prison
839-87-00 Telephone Systems (2-60 Stations)
839-88-00 Telephone Systems (Over 60 Stations)
839-92-00 Videophone Equipment
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
060-67-00 Recycled Automotive Parts
557-56-00 Recycled Transit Bus Accessories and Parts

- To include peripheral equipment such as printers, modems and controllers as well as mainframe units, mini computers, personal computers, software packages, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-29-00 Computers, Parts and Supplies, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
207-10-00 Batteries, Computer and Peripheral
207-14-00 Battery Chargers, Computer and Peripheral
207-20-00 Braces: Monitor, PC's, CRT's, Desk Top Printers, etc.
207-23-00 Carts, Computer
207-25-00 Cleaners for Keyboards, Monitors, Tapes, Diskettes, etc.
207-30-00 Compact Disks, DVD, ROM, etc.
207-32-00 Computer Instructional Aids and Training Devices
207-34-00 Covers and Enclosures (Acoustical and Protective) (For Equipment)
207-37-00 CRT Holders, Cases, Glare Screens, Locks, etc.
207-42-00 Diskettes, Disk Packs, Floppy Diskettes, Labels, etc.
207-47-00 Fasteners and Accessories, Thumb Lock
207-49-00 Forms Bursters, Decollators, Detachers, Feeders, Strippers and Related Accessories
207-50-00 Forms, Charts, Templates, Rulers, etc.
207-55-00 Graphic Supplies for Plotters and Printer Plotters: Inks, Pens, Penholders, Chemicals, Paper, etc.
207-60-00 Keyboard Dust Covers, Key Top Covers, Keyboard Drawers, Wrist Supports, etc.
207-67-00 Power Supplies: Surge Protectors, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Switches, etc.
207-72-00 Printer Accessories and Supplies: Chemicals, Forms Tractors, Inks and Cartridges, Paper, Label Sheets, Sheet Feeders, Toner Cartridges, Wheels, etc.
207-75-00 Projection Devices and Accessories: Interactive Conferencing Boards, LCD, Pads, Panels, etc.
207-79-00 Recycled Computer Accessories and Supplies
207-82-00 Sleeves, CD/DVD
207-84-00 Storage Devices for Tapes and Diskettes: Containers, Racks, etc.
207-85-00 Systems Environmental Monitor for Computer Rooms
207-87-00 Tapes, Tape Cartridges, Tape Cassettes, Tape Reels, Tape Labels, etc.
207-89-00 Testing Equipment for Computers and Related Equipment
207-91-00 Tools, Computer
204-10-00 Cabinets and Cases: Desktop Cases, Tower Cases, Drive Cabinets, etc.
204-13-00 Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, etc.
204-16-00 Chips: Accelerator, Graphics, Math Co-Processor, Memory (RAM and ROM), Network, SIMMS, etc.
204-19-00 Communication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), etc.
204-20-00 Communication Control Units: Concentrators, Multiplexers, Couplers, etc.
204-24-00 Controllers, Programmable: Industrial Control Devices, Robots, etc.
204-25-00 Controllers, Tape: Tape Subsystems, etc.
204-28-00 Data Entry and Remote Job Entry Devices, Voice Activated: Voice Recognition, Voice Digitization, Speech Synthesizers, etc.
204-29-00 Data/File Security Hardware/Software, to Include Encryption
204-32-00 Drives, External (Jump Drives, Flash Drives, etc.)
204-33-00 Drives, Compact Disk (CD ROM, DVR, etc.)
204-34-00 Drives, Floppy Disk
204-35-00 Drives, Hard/Fixed Disk
204-37-00 Drives, Tape
204-39-00 Duplicators, DVD, CD, Hard Drives, etc.
204-42-00 Expansion/Accelerator Boards: Hard Drive Controller Cards, Memory, Processor, SCSI, Video Cards, etc.
204-46-00 Imaging Systems, Microcomputer (Including Digital Imaging Network (DIN), Technology, and Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine (DICOM))
204-47-00 Integrated Hardware-Software I.T. Solution (Microcomputer)
204-48-00 Keyboards
204-53-00 Microcomputers, Desktop or Tower based
204-54-00 Microcomputers, Handheld, Laptop, and Notebook
204-55-00 Microcomputers, Multi-Processor
204-58-00 Modems, External, Data Communications
204-60-00 Monitors, Color and Monochrome (CGA, VGA, SVGA, etc.)
204-62-00 Motherboards
204-64-00 Network Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Firewall Devices, Hubs, Line Drivers, MSAUs, Routers, Transceivers, etc.
204-68-00 Peripherals, Miscellaneous: Joy Sticks, Graphic Digitizers, Light Pens, Mice, Pen Pads, Trackballs, Secure I.D. Access Cards, Headsets and Microphones, etc.
204-70-00 Picture Archiving Computer System (PACS)
204-71-00 Plotters, Graphic
204-72-00 Power Supplies and Power Related Parts, Internal
204-74-00 Printer Sharing Devices
204-75-00 Printers, Dot Matrix
204-76-00 Printers, Inkjet
204-77-00 Printers, Laser
204-78-00 Printers, Pen Plotter
204-79-00 Printers, Digital
204-80-00 Printers, Thermal
204-82-00 Printers, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)
204-83-00 Recycled Microcomputer Hardware and Peripherals
204-84-00 Retrieval Systems, Computer Assisted: Indexing, Retrieval (CD ROM Jukebox, etc.) and Access Systems
204-87-00 Scanners, Film
204-88-00 Scanners, Document: Handheld, Desktop and High Volume
204-89-00 Scanners and Readers, Magnetic Strip
204-90-00 Scanners and Readers, Optical Character and Magnetic Type: Bar Code, Remittance Scanner/Processors, Point of Sale Scanners, etc.
204-91-00 Servers, Microcomputer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, etc)
204-93-00 Terminals and CRTs: Data Processing Systems
204-95-00 Word Processing Equipment, Accessories and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
204-96-00 Workstations: SPARC, RISC, etc. (For Use With CAD/CAM, etc.)
206-14-00 Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, etc.
206-17-00 Chips: Accelerator, Graphics, Math Co-Processor, Memory (RAM and ROM), Network, etc.
206-20-00 Communication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), Network Cards, etc.
206-21-00 Communication Control Units: Concentrators, Multiplexers, Couplers, etc.
206-23-00 Communication Processors and Protocol Converters: Front-End Processor, Network Interface Module, Protocol Interchange, Switching Controls, etc.
206-25-00 Computer Systems, Digital
206-27-00 Computer Systems, Laboratory Control
206-28-00 Computer Systems, Process Control
206-31-00 Controllers, Disk: Disk Subsystems, etc.
206-32-00 Controllers, Local and Remote
206-34-00 Controllers, Peripheral: Plotters, Printers, Digitizers, etc.
206-36-00 Controllers, Tape: Tape Subsystems, etc.
206-40-00 Data Entry and Remote Job Entry Devices, Voice Activated: Voice Recognition, Voice Digitization, Speech Synthesizers, etc.
206-44-00 Drives: Compact Disk, ROM, etc.
206-45-00 Drives: Floppy Disk
206-46-00 Drives: Hard/Fixed Disk
206-47-00 Drives, Tape
206-51-00 Expansion/Accelerator Boards: Memory, Processor, etc.
206-54-00 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
206-55-00 Integrated Hardware-Software I.T. Solution (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
206-56-00 Imaging Systems, Mini and Main Frame Computer (Incl. Digital Imaging Network and Technology)
206-57-00 Keyboards
206-59-00 Modems, External Data Communications
206-61-00 Monitors, Color and Monochrome (CGA, VGA, SVGA, etc.)
206-64-00 Network Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Hubs, Line Drivers, MSAUs, Routers, Transceivers, etc.
206-66-00 Peripherals, Miscellaneous: Graphic Digitizers, Joy Sticks, Light Pens, Mice, Pen Pads, Trackballs, etc.
206-68-00 Power Supplies and Power Related Parts, Internal
206-70-00 Printer Sharing Devices
206-71-00 Printers, Dot Matrix
206-72-00 Printers, High Speed, Line Printers, and Printer Subsystems
206-73-00 Printers, Inkjet
206-74-00 Printers, Laser
206-75-00 Printers, Pen Plotter
206-77-00 Printers, Thermal
206-78-00 Printers, Mainframe Computer (Not Otherwise Classified)
206-79-00 Recycled Mainframe Computer Hardware and Peripherals
206-80-00 Retrieval Systems, Computer Aided: Indexing, Retrieval and Access Systems (CD ROM Jukebox, etc.)
206-83-00 Scanners, Film
206-84-00 Scanners, Document: Handheld, Desktop, and High Volume
206-85-00 Scanners and Readers, Magnetic Strip
206-86-00 Scanners and Readers, Optical Character: Bar Code, Remittance Scanner/Processors, etc.
206-87-00 Servers, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, etc.)
206-89-00 Storage Devices, Electronic (Disk Drive Compatible)
206-93-00 Terminals and CRTs: Data Processing Systems
208-11-00 Application Software, Microcomputer
208-12-00 Architectural Software
208-15-00 Aviation Software (Flight Control, Ground Support, Testing, etc)
208-18-00 Bar Code Software (Microcomputer)
208-19-00 Biometric Authentication System Software for Microcomputers
208-20-00 Business Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, etc.
208-27-00 Communications: Networking, Linking, etc. (Includes Clustering Software)
208-32-00 Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)
208-36-00 Data Processing Software, Microcomputer
208-37-00 Database Software
208-39-00 Desktop Publishing
208-40-00 Driver and Hardware Support Programs
208-41-00 Engineering Software
208-42-00 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Microcomputer
208-43-00 Educational: Foreign Languages, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.
208-44-00 E-Mail Software
208-45-00 Expert System Software
208-46-00 E-Commerce Software (Microcomputer)
208-47-00 Games: Adventure, Board, Puzzles, Strategy, etc. (See 037-84; 209-48; 785-53; and 805-51 for other type games)
208-50-00 Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
208-51-00 Human Resources Software
208-53-00 Integrated Software
208-54-00 Internet and Web Site Software for Microcomputers
208-55-00 Inventory Management
208-56-00 Logistics and Supply Chain Software
208-57-00 Law Enforcement Software
208-58-00 Language Translation Software
208-59-00 Library Information Management Software
208-60-00 Medical Software, All Types
208-61-00 OCR and Scanner Software
208-63-00 Personnel Software
208-65-00 Point of Sale Software
208-66-00 Professional: Computer Training, Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, etc.
208-67-00 Programming: Basic, Assembler, Computer Assisted Software Engineering Tools (CASE), Libraries, etc.
208-68-00 Project Management
208-70-00 Printing Software (Microcomputer)
208-71-00 Purchasing Software
208-72-00 Purchasing and Accounting Codes for use with PC Software
208-76-00 Real Estate/Property Management
208-77-00 Recycled Microcomputer Software
208-80-00 Software, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)
208-81-00 Software For Computer Software Training
208-82-00 Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
208-83-00 Shipping and Postal Management Software
208-84-00 Spread Sheet Software
208-85-00 Surveying Systems Software
208-86-00 Sound or Music Editing Software, Microcomputer
208-87-00 Tools, Programming and Case
208-88-00 Software, Monitoring
208-90-00 Utilities: Back-up, Batch File, Firewall, Menus, Operating System, Network Operating System, Network Management, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, etc.
208-94-00 Word Processing, Text Editors, Spell Checkers
209-11-00 Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
209-12-00 Application Software, Mainframe Computer (Incl. Cobal)
209-13-00 Application Software, Minicomputer
209-14-00 Architectural Software (Mini/Mainframe)
209-22-00 Bar Code Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-24-00 Biometric Authentication System Software for Mini/Mainframe Computers
209-28-00 Communications: Networking, Linking, etc.
209-31-00 Computer Aided Design
209-37-00 Data Processing Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer
209-38-00 Database Software
209-40-00 Desktop Publishing
209-41-00 Driver and Hardware Support Programs
209-42-00 E-Commerce Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-43-00 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer
209-44-00 Educational: Foreign Languages, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.
209-45-00 E-Mail Software
209-46-00 Expert System Software
209-47-00 Engineering Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-48-00 Games: Adventure, Board, Puzzles, Strategy, etc. (See 037-84; 208-47; 785-53; and 805-51 for other type games)
209-49-00 Geographic Information System (GIS) Software
209-51-00 Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
209-52-00 Human Resources Software
209-54-00 Internet and Web Site Software for Main Frame Computers
209-56-00 Inventory Management
209-58-00 Language Translation Software
209-59-00 Logistics and Supply Chain Software
209-60-00 Music or Sound Editing Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-62-00 OCR and Scanner Software
209-64-00 Personnel Software
209-66-00 Point of Sale Software
209-67-00 Professional: Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, Computer Training, etc.
209-68-00 Programming: Basic, Assembler, etc.
209-69-00 Project Management
209-70-00 Printing Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-72-00 Purchasing Software
209-73-00 Purchasing and Accounting Codes for use with Mini/Mainframe Software
209-77-00 Real Estate/Property Management
209-78-00 Recycled Mainframe Computer Software
209-82-00 Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
209-84-00 Shipping and Postal Management Software
209-85-00 Spread Sheet Software
209-86-00 Surveying Systems Software
209-87-00 Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Not Otherwise Classified)
209-88-00 Tools, Programming and Case
209-91-00 Utilities: Back-up, Batch File, Menus, Network Management, Operating System, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, etc.
209-95-00 Word Processing, Text Editors, Label Makers, Spell Checkers, etc.
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
208-30-00 Computer Aided Design and Vectorization Software

- except armored car services.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
962-24-00 Courier/Delivery Services (Including Air Courier Services)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
961-24-00 Court Reporting Services
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
150-55-00 Overhead Doors: Garage, etc. (See Class 450 for Hardware)

- to include starters, generators, alternators, wiring harness, switches, fuses and circuit breakers, flashers, relays, lenses, headlights, tubes, ballasts, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
557-50-00 Lamps/Lighting, Lens, and Signals, Interior and Exterior
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
925-31-00 Electrical Engineering (Incl. Cogeneration Design Services)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
318-20-00 Encoding Equipment
318-30-00 Fare Box
318-33-00 Fare Box Vault
318-40-00 Locks and Keys
318-50-00 Money Changers
318-55-00 Portable Safe/Money Cart
318-60-00 Receiver Bin/Terminal
318-62-00 Recycled Fare Collection Equipment and Supplies
318-70-00 Testing/Verifying Equipment
318-75-00 Tickets, Non-Magnetic
318-77-00 Tickets, Pre-Encoded
318-80-00 Tickets, Not Encoded
318-85-00 Ticket Vending Machine
318-88-00 Tokens
318-89-00 Transfer Machines
318-90-00 Turnstiles

- to include bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, washers, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
320-10-00 Anchors, Expansion Shields, Molly Bolts, Plugs, Toggle Bolts, U-Bolts, etc.
320-20-00 Bolts, Steel
320-22-00 Bolts, Metal or Other Material (Not Steel)
320-24-00 Box Stitching Machines, Wire, and Parts
320-35-00 Cotter Pins, Clevis Pins, Dowel Pins, Spring Pins, Taper Pins, and Woodruff Keys and Snaps
320-36-00 Fasteners (Not Otherwise Classified)
320-37-00 Grommets (See 590-16 for Sewing Type)
320-40-00 Mono-Bolts, Power Locking
320-42-00 Nuts, Steel (Including Nutserts)
320-43-00 Nuts, Metal or Other Material (Not Steel)
320-50-00 Package Tying Machines and Parts
320-55-00 Powder Actuated (Explosive) Tools and Supplies
320-56-00 Recycled Fastening, Packaging, Strapping and Tying Equipment and Supplies
320-57-00 Retainers and Keepers
320-58-00 Rings, Retaining
320-60-00 Rivets, All Types (Except Brake Lining Rivets)
320-62-00 Rivet Guns
320-69-00 Screws, All Kinds (Not Otherwise Listed)
320-70-00 Screws, Cap
320-71-00 Screws: Coach, Drywall, Eye, Lag, Phillips, Set, Thumb, etc.
320-72-00 Screws, Machine
320-73-00 Screws, Sheet Metal
320-74-00 Screws, Wood
320-75-00 Strapping, Seals, Banding and Tools and Equipment
320-83-00 Threaded Rods, Studs, and Fittings
320-85-00 Ties: Bar, Form, etc.
320-91-00 Washers, Steel
320-92-00 Washers, Metal or Other Material (Not Steel)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
208-10-00 Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
962-17-00 Bus and Taxi Services, Limousines and Vans (Including Operations, Management, and Terminal Services)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
405-00-00 Fuel, Oil, Grease and Lubricants
557-36-00 Fuel System Parts and Accessories
557-52-00 Lubricating Systems and Parts (See 557-34 for Filters)
557-70-00 Tanks: Air, Fuel, Water
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
909-21-00 Building Construction, Industrial (Warehouse, etc.)
909-24-00 Building Construction, Commercial and Institutional
909-30-00 Building Construction (Not Otherwise Classified)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
031-06-00 Air Conditioning and Heating: Central Units, and Parts and Accessories Not Individually Itemized
967-02-00 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilating Equipment (HVAC) Manufacturing Services

- to include brokers.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
953-06-00 Accident
953-13-00 Aviation
953-22-00 Boiler
953-27-00 Claims Processing Services
953-30-00 Collision, Automotive
953-33-00 Comprehensive, Automotive
953-34-00 Crime
953-37-00 Disability
953-41-00 Fidelity and Surety
953-43-00 Fire
953-45-00 Flood
953-48-00 Health/Hospitalization (Including Dental and Visual Insurance)
953-51-00 Inland Marine
953-52-00 Insurance and Insurance Services (Not otherwise classified)
953-53-00 Investigation Services
953-54-00 Liability, Automotive
953-56-00 Liability, General
953-58-00 Liability, Professional
953-60-00 Liability, Public Official/Government
953-63-00 Life Insurance
953-66-00 Malpractice, General
953-68-00 Malpractice, Legal
953-70-00 Malpractice, Medical
953-77-00 Property and Casualty
953-78-00 Receiver Services, Special Deputy (Insurance)
953-79-00 Reinsurance Services
953-80-00 Retirement Benefit Plan Insurance
953-83-00 Sports
953-87-00 Title
953-91-00 Unemployment Insurance
953-92-00 Worker's Compensation

- to include mops, buckets, paper towels, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
485-01-00 Ammonia and Other Chemicals, Household (Plain or Sudsing)
485-02-00 Animal Cage Cleaning Compound
485-03-00 Adhesive Removers
485-04-00 Applicators, Floor Finish, All Types (Except Brushes)
485-06-00 Bottles, Glass (For Cleaners, Detergents, and Janitorial Supplies)
485-08-00 Bottles, Plastic (For Cleaners, Detergents, and Janitorial Supplies)
485-09-00 Brush Cleaner
485-10-00 Brooms, Brushes, and Handles
485-11-00 Cleaner and Detergent, Paste and Tablets
485-12-00 Cleaner and Polish, Metal (For Brass, Stainless Steel, etc.)
485-13-00 Cleaner, Hand and Skin, Synthetic Detergent Type (See 435-68, 70 for Skin Cleaners for Health Care Personnel
485-14-00 Cleaner, Hand, Mechanics' Waterless
485-15-00 Cleaner and Polish, Plastic
485-16-00 Cleaner, Hard Products, General Purpose, Liquid (Includes Graffiti Cleaners)
485-17-00 Cleaner and Polish, Wood
485-18-00 Cleaner, Heavy Duty Degreaser, Including Oven Cleaners
485-19-00 Cleaner/Remover, Lead-Based Debris
485-20-00 Cleaner and Polish for Marble, Masonry, Porcelain, etc.
485-21-00 Cleaner, Spray
485-22-00 Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Acid and Caustic Types (Incl. Drain Openers)
485-24-00 Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Aerobic Bacteria and Fungi Type
485-25-00 Cleaner, Tile and Grout
485-26-00 Cleaner, Toilet Bowl, Granular and Liquid
485-27-00 Cleaner: Vinyl, Upholstery
485-28-00 Cleaner and Wax: Window, Mirror, and Glass
485-29-00 Cleanser, Powdered, Chlorinated
485-30-00 Deodorant Blocks, All Types
485-31-00 Deodorants for Portable Toilets (Including Ozone Air Freshener Type)
485-32-00 Deodorants, Room, All Types
485-34-00 Detergent, Steam and Hot Water Spray Cleaning
485-37-00 Detergent-Disinfectant (Washroom Type), Liquid and Aerosol (See Class 435 for Health Care and 505 for Laundry Type)
485-40-00 Disinfectants, Spray and Powdered
485-42-00 Disinfectants, Pine Oil
485-44-00 Dispensers, Lotion and Soap (Including Waterless Soap Dispenser)
485-45-00 Dispensers (For Metered Aerosol Deodorants, Air Sanitizers, and Insecticides), AC and DC Models
485-46-00 Dispensers and Holders (For Cleaning Rags, Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, and Toilet Seat Covers)
485-48-00 Dispensers (For Sanitary Napkins and Tampons)
485-50-00 Door Mats, All Types
485-51-00 Dry Powder Processing Machine (For the Production and Packaging of Powder Soap)
485-52-00 Dusting Cloths, Treated
485-53-00 Dusters: Feather, Lambs wool, Split, etc.
485-54-00 Floor Polishes and Waxes, Floor Sealer, and Dust Mop Treating Compound
485-55-00 Floor Stripper and Cleaners
485-56-00 Floor Sweeping Compound and Oil
485-58-00 Furniture Polish
485-59-00 Insect Control Units, Chemical or Electric, Lures and Traps
485-60-00 Insecticides and Repellents, Household
485-62-00 Insecticide Spraying Equipment, Household
485-64-00 Janitor Carts and Bags
485-65-00 Janitorial Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
485-66-00 Linen Hampers and Bags
485-67-00 Litter Pickup Devices
485-68-00 Mop Buckets, Wringers, Bucket Trucks, and Attachments
485-70-00 Mops, Heads, and Handles, Dry and Treated Types
485-72-00 Mops, Heads, and Handles, Wet Types
485-73-00 Protectant (For Furniture, Carpet, Fabrics, etc.)
485-74-00 Oil, Chemical, and Hazardous Material Spill Absorbents, Cleaners, Neutralizers, and Pads (Including Microorganisms, Live; Peat Moss))
485-75-00 Receptacle Liners: Vinyl and Steel (See 665-24 For Plastic Type), Including Biodegradable
485-76-00 Recycled Janitorial Supplies
485-77-00 Rubber Cleaner
485-78-00 Rug and Carpet Shampoo and Spot Remover (Including Deodorizers)
485-80-00 Sand Urns, Filling Materials, Smoking Stands, Wall Mounted Ashtrays, and Cuspidors
485-82-00 Sanitary Napkins and Tampons, Dispensable Type
485-84-00 Scale Remover (Acid Type Cleaners For Dishwashers, Steam Tables, etc.)
485-85-00 Soap, Scrubbing Type (See 435-72 for Surgical Scrub)
485-86-00 Soap, Hand: Bar, Liquid, and Powdered
485-87-00 Soil Retardant (For Carpets, Rugs, etc.)
485-88-00 Squeegees, Sponges, and Scrubbing Pads (For Manual Hard Surface Cleaning)
485-90-00 Stain Remover, Active Chlorine or Oxygen Type (For Coffee Urns, Plastic Dishes, etc.)
485-91-00 Stain Remover, Pet
485-94-00 Waste Receptacles and Dust Pans

- grass seed, dirt, plantings, etc. to be used by Pace personnel but excluding landscaping services which are included in Contract Services and Repairs.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
595-40-00 Nursery, Greenhouse and Floral Supplies: Labels, Planters, Pots, Tags, Trellises, etc.
790-20-00 Grass Seeds
790-30-00 Inoculants
790-50-00 Sod, Grass
790-70-00 Top Soil and Fill Dirt (For Mulch See Class 335)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
918-73-00 Landscaping Consulting

- to include seating, signs, doors, floor coverings, replacement panels, glazing, latches, hinges, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
975-14-00 Automobiles and Other Passenger Vehicles (Including Emergency Type) Rental or Lease
975-44-00 Mass Transit Bus, School Bus, and Rail Vehicle Rental or Lease
975-86-00 Truck and Van Rental or Lease (Incl. Fire and Garbage Trucks)

- excluding automotive.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
975-42-00 Machinery and Heavy Hardware Rental or Lease
977-42-00 Furniture, Office, Rental or Lease
981-72-00 Tents, Tarpaulins and Supplies Rental or Lease
985-23-00 Copy Machines, Thermal Type, Rental or Lease
985-27-00 Copy Machines, Digital and Analog Types, Rental or Lease
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
915-58-00 Mailing Services (Includes, Addressing, Collating, Packaging, Sorting and Delivery)

- to include plumbing, electrical and other building trades but excluding cleaning, janitorial, window washing, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
910-01-00 Acoustical Ceilings and Walls: Cleaning, Installation, Restoration, Maintenance and Repair (Including Panel Wall Systems)
910-02-00 Background Music Maintenance and Repair Services
910-03-00 Building Cleaning, Exterior
910-04-00 Air Duct Cleaning Services
910-05-00 Building and House Leveling Services
910-06-00 Carpentry Maintenance and Repair Services
910-07-00 Chute Installation Services
910-08-00 Concrete Raising and Undersealing Services
910-09-00 Carpet Cleaning, Dyeing, Installation and Repair
910-10-00 Chimney Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910-11-00 Drapery and Curtain Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910-12-00 Drapery and Curtain Fabrication Services
910-13-00 Elevator Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910-14-00 Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Metal)
910-15-00 Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Wood)
910-16-00 Energy Conservation Services (Including Audits)
910-17-00 Energy Computerized Control System (HVAC, Lighting, Utilities, etc) Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services
910-20-00 Escalator and Moving Walkway, Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910-22-00 Fireproofing Services, Spray-On Type
910-23-00 Firestop Systems (Includes Installation and Fireproofing)
910-24-00 Fire and/or Water Damage Restoration Services
910-25-00 Flooring Maintenance and Repair to Include Refinishing and Sealing
910-26-00 Furnace Maintenance and Repair
910-27-00 Garbage/Trash Removal, Disposal and/or Treatment
910-30-00 Glass Replacement, Maintenance, and Repair
910-38-00 Insulation and Asbestos Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Removal Services (Includes Spray-On Insulation)
910-40-00 Inspection, Monitoring of Insulation and Asbestos Installation and Removal
910-42-00 Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Repair (Not Plumbing): Bathtubs, Sinks, Cabinets, Counter Tops, etc.
910-45-00 Lathing and Plastering Maintenance and Repair Services
910-46-00 Lead Poisoning Control and Reduction
910-47-00 Lead Abatement Services
910-48-00 Locksmith Services
910-49-00 Loading Dock and Associated Accessories Maintenance and Repair
910-51-00 Masonry, Concrete, and Stucco Maintenance, Finishing, and Repair (Includes Inside Concrete Sawing and Grouting Work)
910-52-00 Maintenance and Repair Services, Building (Not Otherwise Classified)
910-53-00 Metal Work Maintenance and Repair (Incl. Metal Refinishing Services)
910-54-00 Painting, Maintenance and Repair Services (Including Caulking)
910-55-00 Overhead Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
910-56-00 Panel Wall Systems Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
910-59-00 Pest Control (Incl. Termite Inspection and Control, Bird Proofing, Animal Trapping, Rodent Control, Exterminating and Fumigation)
910-60-00 Plumbing Maintenance and Repair (Includes Pressure Tapping Services, Pipe Freezes, Toilets, etc.)
910-61-00 Plant Maintenance, Indoor
910-62-00 Protection of Building From Weather or Vandalism
910-63-00 Public Utilities: Water, Sewer and Gas Maintenance and Repair
910-64-00 Relocation, Building
910-65-00 Remodeling and Alterations
910-66-00 Roofing, Gutters, and Downspouts Maintenance and Repair
910-67-00 Security Lock-Bar Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910-68-00 Septic Tank Maintenance and Repair Services (Includes Absorption/Leach Field Construction)
910-70-00 Sludge Removal, Building (To Include Grease Trap Cleaning)
910-71-00 Shoring and Reinforcement Services
910-72-00 Tinting Services, Window
910-73-00 Tile and Stone (Includes Granite, Marble, and Terrazzo), Restoration, Refurbishing, Maintenance and Repair
910-74-00 Wallpapering Services, Includes Maintenance and Repair
910-75-00 Wall and Ceiling Repair and Replacement (Including Drywalling)
910-76-00 Welding Maintenance and Repair Services (Incl. Brazing, Casting, and Soldering)
910-77-00 Water Purification/Softening Services
910-78-00 Weather and Waterproofing Maintenance and Repair Services
910-79-00 Window Installation, Maintenance and Repair (Metal)
910-80-00 Window Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Wood)
910-81-00 Window Washing Services
910-82-00 Wiring and Other Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services
910-83-00 Sandblasting Buildings (See 968-67 for All Other Types)
910-84-00 Shutter Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910-86-00 Siding Installation and Repair Services

- to include janitorial, window washing, rug cleaning, sanitation services, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
910-39-00 Janitorial/Custodial Services

- Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
910-36-00 Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Maintenance and Repair Services (Including Installation)

- to include lift trucks, pallet jacks, work platforms, dock leveling equipment, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
560-49-00 Lifting and Loading Equipment and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
560-75-00 Trucks, Lift, Powered: Fork Lifts, etc.
560-72-00 Trucks, Lift, Hand Operated
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
990-31-00 Dispatching Services, To Include Fire, Police and Medical Services
475-37-00 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Equipment and Supplies (Including Response Kits, Life Support Kits, Trauma Kits, etc.)
948-74-00 Professional Medical Services (Including Physicians, Pharmacists, and All Specialties)
948-92-00 Vaccination Program Services

- to include bar and tube stock, structural shapes, sheet products, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
570-02-00 Alloy Coatings and Sealers for the Repair of Metal Shafts, Journals, Spindles, etc.
570-03-00 Alloy Metal: Angles, Sheets, etc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-05-00 Aluminum: Bars, Plates, Posts, Rods, Sheets, Siding, Strips, Structural Shapes, Tubes, etc.
570-06-00 Aluminum Ingots
570-07-00 Bar Stock, All Kinds (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-08-00 Bolt and Stud Stock, Steel
570-09-00 Brass and Bronze: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570-11-00 Brass Ingots
570-12-00 Bronze Ingots
570-13-00 Bushing Stock, Brass and Bronze
570-14-00 Cast Iron, Primary and Semi-Finished
570-16-00 Crayons, Metal Worker's
570-17-00 Coil Stock
570-18-00 Copper: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570-19-00 Cutting Rod
570-21-00 Decking, Steel
570-22-00 Earth's Metals (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-23-00 Expanded Metal (Not Stainless)
570-24-00 Expanded Metal, Stainless
570-25-00 Forms, Metal (For Concrete Curbs, Columns, and Gutters)
570-26-00 Foil Stock
570-27-00 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
570-28-00 Guard Rails and Accessories: Bolts, Posts, Terminal Ends, Washers, etc. (See 540-73 for Wood Posts)
570-29-00 Iron: Angles, Bands, Plate, Sheets, etc.
570-30-00 Ingots (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-31-00 Lead: Bulk, Granulated, Strips, etc. (Not Plumbing or Paint)
570-32-00 Key stock, All Sizes
570-33-00 License Plate Blanks
570-34-00 License Plates Complete (Purchased Through Bid Process)
570-35-00 Magnesium Alloy: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570-36-00 Metal, Perforated
570-37-00 Magnesium Alloy Ingots
570-38-00 Metals, Alkali (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-39-00 Nickel
570-40-00 Ornamental Ironwork
570-42-00 Pig Iron Ingots
570-44-00 Posts, Steel (For Delineator Markers, Mile Markers, etc.)
570-45-00 Posts, Metal (Other Than Steel)
570-46-00 Post-Tensioned Type Reinforcing System (For Concrete Slabs)
570-47-00 Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, etc. (See 175-19 and 260-52 for other uses)
570-48-00 Rails, Railroad, Steel
570-50-00 Scrap Metals, All Kinds
570-52-00 Shafting: Bronze, Monel, Stainless Steel, Steel, etc.
570-54-00 Sheet Metal, Fabricated (Custom-Made Sheet Metal Items)
570-56-00 Sheet Piling, Steel
570-57-00 Shim Stock
570-62-00 Spring Steel
570-64-00 Stainless Steel: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Tubes, etc.
570-65-00 Steel Bridge Truss, Overhead
570-66-00 Steel, Cold Rolled: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, and Strips
570-68-00 Steel, Fabricated: Beams, Gabions, Gratings, Walkways, Window Bars, and Custom-Made Steel Items
570-70-00 Steel, Galvanized: Bars, Pipes (Not Plumbing), Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570-72-00 Steel, Mild: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Tubes, etc.
570-76-00 Steel, Reinforcing, Bars and Rods
570-77-00 Steel, Reinforcing, Mesh
570-78-00 Steel, Reinforcing, Fabricated
570-79-00 Steel Siding
570-80-00 Steel Sheets, High Carbon (For License Plates, etc.)
570-81-00 Steel Studs, Dry Wall
570-82-00 Steel Wire Panels (For Partitions, Window Guards, etc.)
570-83-00 Structural Shapes, Other Than Steel: Angles, Channels, I-Beams, etc.
570-84-00 Structural Shapes, Steel: Angles, Channels, I-Beams, etc.
570-85-00 Tin
570-86-00 Titanium
570-87-00 Tool Steel: Bars, Drill Rod, Flat Stock, etc.
570-88-00 Tile, Metal
570-89-00 Transition Metals (Not Otherwise Classified)
570-90-00 Tubing, Mechanical, Steel: Rectangular, Round, Square, etc. (See 570-91 for Structural Tubing)
570-91-00 Tubing, Structural Grade
570-95-00 Zinc: Anodes, Sheets, etc.
570-96-00 Recycled Metals and Related Items

- to include hand tools, portable power tools, abrasive products, drill bits, but excluding fasteners.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
545-48-00 Milling Machines
445-02-00 Air Pumps for Sporting Goods, Toys, etc. (See 075-83 for Tire Pumps)
445-03-00 Axes, Adzes, Bush Hooks, Hatchets, Mattocks, Picks, etc.
445-05-00 Balancers, Tool (Industrial)
445-06-00 Bits, Dies, Drivers, Reamers, Taps, etc. (For Hand Tools, Powered and Non-Powered)
445-08-00 Blades, Hand Saw (Non-Powered)
445-09-00 Blades: Handsaw, (Powered) Circular, and Reciprocating (For Powered and Non-Powered Portable Saws)
445-10-00 Bricklaying Tools
445-12-00 Caulking Guns, Putty Knives, Scrapers, etc.
445-13-00 Carpet Laying Tools (Including Knee Pads)
445-15-00 Chisels, Drawknives, Planes, etc.
445-18-00 Clamps: Bar, "C", Carriage, Hand, Spring, etc.; and Clamp Fixtures
445-19-00 Concrete Tools and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
445-20-00 Copper and Tinsmith Tools and Equipment
445-21-00 Cutters and Knives: Bolt, Burrs, Glass, Nippers, Pinchers, etc.
445-26-00 Drills, Hand, Non-Powered: Braces, etc.
445-27-00 Drills, Hand, Portable, (Powered), Automatic
445-29-00 Extractors, Pullers, and Inserters
445-30-00 Fastening Tools: Nailing Machines, Staplers, Tackers, etc.
445-32-00 Files and Rasps
445-33-00 Fireplace Components: Flues, Grates, Tools, Stokers, etc.
445-35-00 Gauges: Feeler, Sheet Metal, Spark Plugs, Wire Size, etc.
445-37-00 Guns, Heat
445-38-00 Hammers, Mallets, Crow Bars, Pinch Bars, Pry Bars, Ripping Bars, Sledges, Wrecking Bars, All Types
445-39-00 Hand Tools (Not Otherwise Classified)
445-40-00 Handles, Tool, All Kinds (See 285-30 for Dielectric Handles)
445-41-00 Hazardous Material Equipment, Tools and Supplies
445-42-00 Knives, Utility and Pen (All Types) and Accessories
445-43-00 Hoes, Leaf Loaders, Rakes, Council Tools, Weed Cutters, etc.
445-44-00 Hooks
445-45-00 Leather and Canvas Aprons and Tool Pouches, Carpenter's and Electrician's
445-46-00 Levels, Chalk Lines, Chalk Line Refills, etc.
445-47-00 Mitre Boxes
445-48-00 Mirrors, Inspection Type
445-49-00 Punches, Etchers, Marking Tools, Nail Sets, Scratch Awls, etc.
445-50-00 Presses, Hand Type
445-51-00 Pick-up Tools, Magnetic
445-52-00 Pliers, All Kinds (Except Stock Tagging)
445-53-00 Planers, Wood
445-55-00 Posthole Diggers, Earth Augers, etc. (Including Utility Probes for Testing Digging Sites)
445-56-00 Re-Toothing Machines, Hand Saw
445-57-00 Rules, Squares, and Tapes (Carpenter, etc.)
445-58-00 Saws (Non-Powered): Hack, Keyhole, Pruning, Pole, etc.
445-59-00 Saws, Hand, Portable (Powered)
445-61-00 Scoops, Shovels, Spades, Spading Forks, etc. (Including Entrenching Tools)
445-62-00 Scrapers, Chipping and Sealing
445-63-00 Scrapers, Ice and Snow (See Class 765 For Motorized Type)
445-64-00 Screwdrivers, All Kinds
445-66-00 Shaft Machines, Flexible (Powered)
445-70-00 Snips: Metal, Tin, etc.
445-73-00 Soldering Coppers, Guns, Irons, etc.
445-75-00 Stud Finder Tool
445-76-00 Steel Figures and Letters, Stamping
445-77-00 Thread Cutters (See 670-15 for Pipe Threader)
445-78-00 Tool Lathe (Quick-Change Type)
445-79-00 Tool Boxes, Cabinets, and Chests (For Truck Tool Compartment Boxes See Class 065)
445-80-00 Tools, Machinist
445-81-00 Tool Holders (Collets, etc.)(See 445-45 for Tool Pouches)
445-82-00 Tool Sets, All Kinds
445-83-00 Tree and Pole Climbing Equipment
445-85-00 Trowels and Floats, All Kinds
445-87-00 Upholstery Tools
445-88-00 Vises, All Kinds
445-90-00 Winches, (Not Otherwise Classified)
445-91-00 Wrenches, All Kinds (Including Sockets)
445-95-00 Recycled Hand Tools

- to include armored car services, money counting, token deliveries, pass distribution, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
990-10-00 Armored Car Services
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
918-80-00 Moving/Relocation Consulting Service

- for employee recognition programs, bus rodeo events, flags and pendants and flowers for employees.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
080-10-00 Badges, Buttons, Emblems, and ID Cards, Celluloid and Plastic: Student, Faculty, Membership, Employee, etc.
080-15-00 Badges, Emblems, and Patches, Metal: Cap, Game Wardens', Officers', Service Awards, Uniform, etc.
080-25-00 Card Holders, All Types (See Class 578 for Metal)
080-35-00 Convention Badges and Name Tags, Adhesive Back
080-38-00 Convention Badges and Name Tags, Nonadhesive type
080-44-00 Fasteners (For Badges, etc.): Metal, Plastic, etc.
080-45-00 Folders, Presentation
080-50-00 Nameplates, Metal, Adhesive Back
080-53-00 Nameplates, Metal, Nonadhesive
080-55-00 Nameplates, Plastic
080-56-00 Nameplates, Specialty (Including Clocks, Logos, Pen/Pencil Sets, etc.)
080-57-00 Ribbons and Rosettes (Awards)
080-60-00 Recycled Awards, Convention Items, Trophies, etc.
080-65-00 Service Awards, Specialty Type
080-69-00 Tags: Luggage, Security, Identification
080-70-00 Tags, Metal, Adhesive Back: Inventory, Property, Tool, etc.
080-73-00 Tags, Metal, Nonadhesive: Inventory, Property, Skiff, Seine Trawl, etc.
080-75-00 Tags, Pet Identification
080-78-00 Trophies, Plaques, Awards, Certificates, etc. (Not Otherwise Classified)

- to include chairs, desks, cabinets, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-46-00 Furniture, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
425-03-00 Bookcases and Bookshelves, Metal and Wood
425-06-00 Chairs, Metal
425-07-00 Chairs, Wood
425-10-00 Costumers and Racks: Clothes, Coat, Hat, etc.
425-11-00 Counter, Work
425-13-00 Credenza Unit, Metal
425-14-00 Credenza Unit, Wood
425-17-00 Data Processing Furniture, Metal and Plastic (For Storage Cabinets See Item 87)
425-18-00 Data Processing Office Furniture, Wood (Not Storage Cabinets -See Item 87)
425-20-00 Desks and Tables, Metal
425-21-00 Desks and Tables, Wood
425-30-00 Drafting Chairs and Stools, Metal and Wood
425-33-00 Drafting Plan and Map Files, Metal
425-34-00 Drafting Plan and Map Files, Wood
425-37-00 Drafting Tables, Metal and Wood
425-40-00 Filing Cabinets, Metal: Card, Jumbo, Lateral, Legal, and Letter
425-41-00 Filing Cabinets, Wood: Card, Lateral, Legal, and Letter
425-42-00 Filing Systems, Mobile, High Density (Electrical and Mechanical)
425-44-00 Fire Files
425-47-00 Floors, Raised Access Type (For Data Processing Equipment)
425-48-00 Furniture, Office (Custom Made)
425-49-00 Hutches for Desks, Credenzas, etc.
425-50-00 Key Storage Cabinets and Files
425-53-00 Lockers, Storage (For Coats, Hats and Baggage) (Includes Foot Locker Type)
425-54-00 Modular Panel Systems, (With Metal Connecting Mechanism)
425-55-00 Modular Panel Systems, (With Synthetic Connecting Mechanism)
425-56-00 Partitions, Free Standing, All Types, Stock Sizes
425-58-00 Plastic, Polypropylene, Fiberglass Office Furniture: Chairs, Desks, Tables, etc.
425-59-00 Posting Stands and Trays
425-60-00 Posture Chairs (Ergonomic)
425-62-00 Racks, Metal, Stationary and Mobile
425-64-00 Recycled Office Furniture (Bookshelves, Chairs, Credenzas, Computer Furniture, Desks, Tables, Hutches, Workstations)
425-65-00 Recycled Office Furniture (File Cabinets, Storage Cabinets and Lockers, Partitions, Modular Furniture, Racks, Shelving)
425-68-00 Rotary Filing Systems
425-71-00 Safe Files
425-74-00 Safes, Vaults, and Night Depository Boxes (Incl. Parts and Accessories)
425-77-00 Safety Step Stepladders (For Office Use)
425-80-00 Shelving, Metal (Not Library or Shop)
425-81-00 Shelving, Mobile, Track Type
425-82-00 Shims, Leveling (For Furniture)
425-83-00 Stands, Office Equipment and Machines
425-87-00 Storage Cabinets, Data Processing
425-89-00 Storage Cabinets, Metal
425-92-00 Visual Filing Systems
425-94-00 Work Stations, Modular, Systems Furniture

- to include typewriters, copiers, calculators, etc., but not EDP equipment.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-32-00 Copy Machines, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
998-72-00 Office Equipment (Not Copiers), Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
600-02-00 Accessories, Calculators, Electronic
600-03-00 Accounting and Bookkeeping Machines (Not Data Processing)
600-05-00 Adding Machines
600-08-00 Addressing Machines (Computer Driven Only, Direct-
Print Type Only) and Accessories
(See Class 015 for Supplies)
600-11-00 Addressing Machines (Embossed Plate Type) and Embossing and Imprinting Machines, and Accessories (See Class 015 for Supplies)
600-14-00 Braille Writers and Printers
600-15-00 Calculators, Electronic, Display/Printing Type, Programmable (See 305-06 for Surveying Type)
600-16-00 Calculators, Electronic, Display/Printing Type, Non-Programmable
600-17-00 Calculators, Electronic, Display Type, Non-Programmable
600-19-00 Calculators, Electronic, Display Type, Programmable
600-21-00 Calculators, Electronic, Printing Type, Non-Programmable
600-22-00 Calculators, Electronic, Printing Type, Programmable
600-25-00 Calculators, Mechanical
600-27-00 Cases, Typewriter
600-30-00 Cash Registers and Cash Drawers
600-35-00 Check Writing Guide for the Writing Disabled (Includes Writing, Endorsing, and Depositing plus Traveler Check capabilities)
600-36-00 Check Machines: Protection, Signing, Writing, etc.
600-37-00 Copyboards, Electronic
600-38-00 Copy Machines, Bond (Plain) Paper Type Including Parts and Accessories
600-39-00 Copy Machines, Analog
600-40-00 Copy Machines, Coated or Treated Paper Type, Including Parts and Accessories
600-41-00 Copy Machines, Engineering, for Reproduction and Design Production
600-42-00 Copy Machines, Including Parts and Accessories
600-43-00 Copy Machines, Digital-Networked
600-44-00 Copier Vending Machines, Accessories and Supplies
600-45-00 Copy Machines, Thermal Type, Including Parts and Accessories
600-46-00 Copy Machines, Digital
600-47-00 Copy Machine Add-On Accessories
600-48-00 Counterfeit Scanning Devices (Including Detector Pens)
600-49-00 Court Reporter Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
600-50-00 Counting Devices: Ticometers, etc. (Paper, Tickets, etc.) (For Coins See 600-33)
600-51-00 Detacher, Forms
600-52-00 Dictating Machines; Transcription Machines
600-54-00 Dictating Machine Accessories and Supplies
600-56-00 Duplicators, Digital
600-57-00 Duplicating Machines and Accessories, Mimeograph Type
600-59-00 Duplicating Machines and Accessories, Spirit Type
600-60-00 Electronic Reference Equipment (Organizers, etc.)
600-61-00 Fax Machines, Parts and Supplies (See Class 726 for Industrial Type and Class 645 for Paper)
600-62-00 Folding Machines
600-63-00 Folding/Inserting/Sealing Machines
600-64-00 Ink Rollers, Office Machines
600-65-00 Inserting Machines
600-66-00 Label Dispensing Machines and Accessories (For Continuous Form Labels)
600-67-00 Letter Extraction and Insertion Machines, Mailroom
600-68-00 Letter Openers, Electric
600-69-00 Micrographics Equipment and Supplies
600-70-00 Machine Repair Tools, Office
600-71-00 Mailing, Packaging, and Shipping Machines (Including Packaging Material Dispensing Machines)
600-72-00 Multi-Function Office Machines (Combination of Fax-Copier-Scanner-Printer, etc.)
600-73-00 Office Machines, Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies - Recycled
600-74-00 Perforating Machines
600-77-00 Postage Meters
600-79-00 Poster Making Machines and Equipment
600-80-00 Postage Meter Supplies
600-81-00 Postage Stamp Vending Machines, Accessories, and Supplies
600-82-00 Shredders, Paper and Media

- to include paper, pencils, binders, etc., but excluding furniture and electrical equipment.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
620-10-00 Desk Sets, Inkstands, Penholders, Pen Points, etc. (See 615-33 for Desk Accessories)
620-20-00 Erasers: Pencil Types, etc., (See 785-57 for Blackboard and Dry Erase Types)
620-30-00 Ink: Drawing, Marking, and Writing
620-40-00 Ink Eradicators
620-50-00 Ink Refills (Not Ballpoint), Drawing and Writing
620-55-00 Lumber Marking Crayons
620-60-00 Pencils, Lead; Pencil Leads; Pencil Lengtheners; etc.
620-70-00 Pencils, Marking (Including Mechanical Types and Refills): "Grease" or "China" Types, etc.
620-71-00 Pencils, Marking (Not Grease or China Types)
620-79-00 Pens, Fountain
620-80-00 Pens (General Writing Types): Ball Point, Nylon Tip, Plastic Tip, Roller Ball, etc.
620-81-00 Pen Refills (General Writing Types): Ball Point, Nylon Tip, Plastic Tip, Roller Ball, etc.
620-85-00 Pen and Pencil Sets
620-86-00 Pens, Erasable Markers (For Porcelain Boards, etc.)
620-90-00 Pens, Marker Type (Including Highlighter Types)
620-94-00 Recycled Pens and Pencils

- to include armored car services, money counting, token deliveries, pass distribution, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
905-68-00 Security Screening Services, Personnel
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
655-04-00 Albums and Organizers, Picture
655-05-00 Animation Equipment and Supplies
655-15-00 Camera Accessories: Batteries, Exposure Meters (Light Meters), Flash Equipment and Bar Lights (See Class 285 for Lamps), Power Packs and Chargers, Tripods, etc.
655-20-00 Camera Attachments: Adapter Rings, Collimators, Filters, Lenses, etc.
655-25-00 Camera Carrying Cases, Gadget Bags, etc.
655-27-00 Camera Tools, Books, Instruction Manuals, etc.
655-29-00 Cameras, Digital Type (Incl. Digital Network Cameras)
655-30-00 Cameras, Movie; and Accessories
655-35-00 Cameras, Still, Non-specialized (Including Infrared Types, Self-Developing Types, etc.)

- to include engines, transmissions, turbo-chargers, filters, springs, bushings, gaskets, seals, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
557-30-00 Engines, Complete
557-75-00 Transmissions, Complete
557-34-00 Filters: Air, Fuel, Oil, etc.

- to include route maps, tickets, transfers, timetables, posters, forms, signs, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
860-76-00 Tickets, Spitter
052-48-00 Mixed Media
052-72-00 Posters and Prints (Not Originals)
801-86-00 Signs, Miscellaneous (Not Otherwise Classified)
615-82-00 Stock Forms and Labels: Copy Sets, Receiving Forms, Speed Letters, etc.
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
958-78-00 Property Management Services
958-83-00 Real Estate Management Services (To include Listing and Sales Services)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-84-00 Real Estate (Incl. Buildings, Houses, Land, etc), Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
345-08-00 Clothing and Belts, Safety (Not Automotive)(See 345-79 for Reflective Type)
345-10-00 C.P.R. Equipment and Supplies (See 345-68 For Models)
345-16-00 Detectors and Parts, Dust, Gas, Voltage
345-32-00 First Aid Cabinets, Kits, and Refills
345-40-00 First Aid and Safety Teaching Equipment and Supplies: Charts, Manuals, Posters, Safety Placards, Safety Training Videos, etc.
345-48-00 Gloves, Safety: Electrician's, Lineman's, etc. (Including Sleeves)
345-56-00 Hats and Helmets, Safety (Incl. Fire Helmets)
345-64-00 Head, Ear, Eye and Face Protection
345-66-00 Lockout and Tagout Safety Kits and Supplies
345-72-00 Masks, Filters, and Parts: Dust and Gas
345-74-00 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), (Blood Borne Pathogen Protection), Not Listed Elsewhere
345-84-00 Resuscitators and Parts (Including Portable Rescue Units)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-68-00 Metal, Scrap, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
998-47-00 Glass, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
998-48-00 Garbage, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items

- Various; to include office machines, communications and EDP equipment, alarm systems, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
931-44-00 Furniture, Not Office, Maintenance and Repair (Includes Refinishing and Reupholstering)
931-45-00 Furniture Installation and Reconfiguration Services (Including Systems Furniture)
931-46-00 Furniture, Office, Maintenance and Repair (Includes Refinishing and Reupholstering)
939-72-00 Radio/Telecommunications/Telephone Equipment (Including 911 Systems and Facsimile Transceivers) Maintenance and Repair
939-73-00 Radio, Television, and Electronic Testing, Measuring, and Analyzing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
990-05-00 Alarm Services
990-22-00 Card Access Security Services
990-25-00 Crime Prevention Services
990-42-00 Fire and Safety Services
990-39-00 Emergency Systems Monitoring Service to include Alarms and Operational Readiness Reporting
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
560-82-00 Storage, Shelving, and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-65-00 Machinery, Industrial, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items
998-36-00 Equipment, Heavy, Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items

- to include brake drum lathes.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
545-04-00 Blades, Power Saw, Stationary: Circular and Reciprocating
545-05-00 Bushings, Machinery (Not Otherwise Classified)
545-15-00 Drills, Stationary, Air Powered: Arbor, Press, etc.
545-16-00 Drills, Stationary, Electric Powered: Arbor, Press, etc.
545-17-00 Drills, Stationary, Hydraulic Powered: Arbor, Press, etc.
545-18-00 Gin Machinery
545-20-00 Filtering Equipment and Machinery
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
968-72-00 Snow and Ice Removal Services
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
958-85-00 Soil and Land Management Services (Including Testing, Protection, Preparation, Planning, etc.)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
909-77-00 Special Construction: Observatory, Security, Special Rooms, etc.

- Fuel, lubricants, chemicals, metals; - Drug and Urine Screening.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
845-22-00 Fuel Test Kits and Devices
952-07-00 Alcohol and Drug Testing Services
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
863-05-00 Tires and Tubes, Passenger Vehicles
863-07-00 Tires and Tubes, Light Trucks
863-10-00 Tires and Tubes, Medium Truck and Bus
863-15-00 Tires and Tubes, Off-Road Equipment
863-25-00 Tires and Tubes, Industrial
863-30-00 Tires and Tubes, Misc. (Not Otherwise Listed)
863-42-00 Flaps and O-Rings, Tire
863-65-00 Recapped/Retreaded Tires (See Class 928 if Recapping/Retreading Own Tires as a Service)
863-95-00 Recycled Tires and Tubes

- to include buses, trucks and automobiles.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
961-15-00 Concessions, Catering, Vending: Mobile and Stationary (See Class 905 for Airport Concessions)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
998-94-00 Vehicles, Including Automobiles, Trucks, Trailers, Vans, Motor Homes, Motorcycles and Scooters, etc. (See 998-20 for Buses), Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items

- purchased only; for rentals and cleaning see Contract Services and Repairs.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
200-92-00 Work Clothes

- to include seating, signs, doors, floor coverings, replacement panels, glazing, latches, hinges, etc.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
983-86-00 Uniform Rental or Lease
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
975-16-00 Automotive Accessories Rental or Lease (For Automobiles, Buses, Trucks, Vans, etc.)
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
075-44-00 Lifts and Hoists, Floor Type: Electric, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic
545-27-00 Jacks, Industrial: Hydraulic, Screw, and Track
075-08-00 Brake Bench Stands
075-20-00 Crankshaft Truing and Engine Stands

- to include body and structural repair, accident damage, but excluding vehicle and component rebuilding and/or re-manufacturing covered under Automotive.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
928-24-00 Buses, School and Mass Transit, Maintenance and Repair
NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
915-09-00 Audio/Video Production Services Complete

- to include garbage.

NIGP Code Equivalent NIGP Code Description
968-71-00 Solid or Liquid Waste Disposal (Including Management Services) (See 926-45 for Hazardous Waste Disposal)
926-45-00 Hazardous Waste Disposal




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