Illinois Unified Certification Program (IL UCP)

No Change Affidavit

U.S. DOT has recently provided certain clarification to the Annual Affidavit of No Change process. The clarifying guidance reduces the documentation necessary for submission.

  • Certification is valid until a firm no longer meets minimum eligibility standards under 49 CFR Part 26 or fails to cooperate with requests for information.
  • Certified firms are required to confirm their continued eligibility on an annual basis by submitting a No Change Affidavit. These affidavits (and notices of change) are intended to keep recipients current on the status of certified firms. A complete signed copy (including all schedules/attachments) of current year business tax return must be submitted with the affidavit. If the personal tax return includes business taxes, then a complete signed copy (including all schedules/attachments) of the current year personal tax must be submitted.

Note: At Pace's discretion, a firm may be required to undergo an enhanced review process to confirm that the firm's majority owner(s) continue to meet the personal net worth criteria as found in 49 CFR 26.67(2)(i). Please note, should an enhanced review be necessary, a Personal Financial Statement with supporting documentation and an onsite review will be required.

Complete the requested form(s):

Please send the completed No Change Affidavit (and PNW Statement if requested) along with all the supporting documentation to:

    Pace Suburban Bus
    DBE Department
    550 W. Algonquin Road
    Arlington Heights, IL 60005

You may also email this information to

 If you have questions regarding your No Change Affidavit, please contact the DBE Department at (847) 228-4257 email us at



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