Oracle iSupplier Portal FAQs

What is the Pace iSupplier Portal?

The Pace iSupplier Portal is an internet self-service application by which suppliers can perform a variety of activities:

  • View their purchase orders, invoices, and payment status.
  • Maintain their account information, e.g., address changes and contact information


What are the technical requirements for using the Pace iSupplier Portal?

You need access to a laptop or desktop computer with a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox) and an internet connection.


Is there a cost for using the Pace iSupplier Portal?

There is no cost. The portal is a completely electronic interface. No special software is required except an up-to-date web browser for accessing the portal.


How can I get access to the Pace iSupplier Portal?

If you are a registered supplier, i.e., you previously completed the supplier registration package, please contact the Pace iSupplier Portal Support at (847) 354-7948 or


What if I have not previously completed a supplier registration package?

Please complete the supplier registration process by clicking on the Registration Tab.


What if I don't have access to the internet?

Access to the portal can be accomplished using any public computer that has internet access.


If my company is located within the United States of America, do I need to enter information in the Province field?

No, the Province field is only for companies located outside of the United States of America.


Does the County field need to be filled in to register?

No, it is not a required field.


What is my username?

Your username and temporary password were (or will be) identified in the confirmation email sent from the portal. Your username is the email address you used to create an account. The temporary password will need to be changed after your first login.


What if my email address changes?

Access and log in to the Pace iSupplier Portal. Then, navigate to the 'Contact Directory' page under the 'Company Profile' tab to change your email address.


Who will notify me when my Pace iSupplier Portal account is created?

Pace will send a system-generated message that will contain your username (same as email address), default password, and URL for accessing the portal.


Does each person in our organization get a separate login to access the portal?

Yes a separate account can be made for each company contact in the 'Contact Directory' page under the 'Company Profile' tab.


When I first try to access the Pace iSupplier Portal home page, I receive a message indicating my password has expired. Is there a problem?

No. All supplier logins are created with a temporary password that must be changed during your first login for security purposes.


My account is locked, and I am unable to log in to the Pace iSupplier Portal. What should I do?

Call Pace iSupplier Portal Support at (847) 354-7948 or to request that your password be reset. Keep in mind that the portal automatically locks your account after three invalid attempts.


I forgot my password (or username). Who should I contact?

If you have already exceeded three attempts to log in, your account is locked and you will need to contact Pace iSupplier Portal Support at or (847) 354-7948. If you have not exceeded your three attempts, you can change your password using the steps in the 'How to Reset Password and Retrieve User Name' How-To Guide.

If you are still unable to log in, contact Pace iSupplier Portal Support at (847) 354-7948 or to request a password reset. A new password will be generated by the portal system, and a confirmation email will be sent to your account.


How do I request access for another person in my organization?

Access and log in to the Pace iSupplier Portal, and add the person's name as a contact in the 'Contact Directory' page under the 'Company Profile' tab. The Pace iSupplier Administrator will review the contact and either approve or reject them. Once the new contact is approved, that person will receive login information via email.


What do I do if the Pace iSupplier Administrator rejects my request for a new contact?

The email notification from the Pace iSupplier Administrator will include a reason for the rejection. If you need additional information, contact Pace iSupplier Portal Support at (847) 354-7948 or


When I log in to the Pace iSupplier Portal I get an error. Why?

Please contact Pace iSupplier Portal Support at or (847) 354-7948. Please note that concurrent logins to the Pace iSupplier Portal are limited. Consider waiting for a few minutes before trying your login again. If the problem persists, contact Pace iSupplier Portal Support.


How often should I log in to the Pace iSupplier Portal?

Login frequency will depend on your business needs. The portal sends you a notification when an action is required by you.


What do we do when one of our employees with portal access leaves our organization?

You need to immediately contact Pace iSupplier Portal Support at (847) 354-7948 or to have the user's account disabled. Then, if you need to apply for a new user registration, enter the contact information for the new user in the 'Contact Directory' page under the 'Company Profile' tab.


Why does the system log me out after inactivity?

When you are inactive for 30 minutes, the system automatically logs you out for security purposes.

Automatic Notification Questions

Why do I have to set up products and services (NIGP/Commodity Codes)?

Adding the correct products and services ensures you receive notifications relevant to your business.


My NIGP code is not listed.

Email for technical support.


Where can I find a definition of the products and services codes?

The NIGP codes and definitions can be located by clicking the menu item Product & Services, which is located under the Company Profile tab.

You can click 'Search for Specific Product & Service' after clicking the 'Add' button to search by code or description. The percent sign (%) can be used before and/or after a keyword to extend search results as a wild card.


User Notification Questions

I am not receiving the correct workflow email notifications for my organization. What is wrong?

Contact Pace iSupplier Portal Support at (847) 354-7948 or


Is it possible to have the email notifications sent to more than one email address?

The Pace iSupplier Portal sends workflow notifications to the email addresses of the supplier users who are registered in the portal, depending on the specific action required.


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