Express Service Network

Routes 755, 850, 851, 855, 856, and 895, along with the Express Service to Popular Destinations (ESPD) routes, comprise Pace's Express Service Network (ESN). For only $4 per one-way trip, Pace's Express Service Network is designed to improve connectivity throughout Northeast Illinois and provide access to jobs, schools, medical care that may not be available in a rider's local area. Most of the ESN routes are able to bypass regular traffic through Pace's successful Bus on Shoulder program. Pace's ESN routes are a part of Pace's Vision 2020 long-range strategic plan.

Future Express Services

Pace submitted a proposed Rapid Transit Network plan to the US Department of Transportation in 2014, with the goal of becoming eligible for future federal funding in the Projects of National and Regional Significance category. The Rapid Transit Network consists of 11 expressway-based bus services that would use expressway shoulders or other advantages over regular traffic. The Rapid Transit Network also consists of 24 Pulse (Pace's name for arterial bus rapid transit) corridors. If Pace is successful at securing additional funding, future ESN services can be implemented much more rapidly.

Fares, Passes and Transfers

All the routes on the Express Service Network except 895 require Pace's Premium Fare of $4.00 per one-way trip. Service is free for people with disabilities or seniors who have the RTA Ride Free permit. Please note that a surcharge may be required when using passes or transfers on Premium Fare routes. Please see the Fare Information page for more detailed information.

Transfers to other Pace or CTA routes cost $0.25, payable only with Ventra transit value. Transfers from regular Pace routes to Premium Fare routes cost $2.50 (or $1.30 for those with a Reduced Fare pass).

The following passes are accepted:

  • Pace Premium 30-Day
  • Pace Premium 30-Day Reduced
  • Pace/CTA 30-Day or Pace/CTA 7-Day Pass WITH A SURCHARGE OF $2.25 ($1.15 for those with a Reduced Fare pass), payable only with Ventra transit value.
  • Pace 30-Day Pass, Campus Connection, or Student Summer Haul Pass, WITH A SURCHARGE OF $2.25 ($1.15 for those with a Reduced Fare pass), payable only with Ventra transit value.
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