Fare Information

The best way to pay your Pace fare is with a registered Ventra card. Registered Ventra card users can load multi-day passes and transit value to their card, and have their balance protected if the card is lost or stolen. Riders can also pay with cash (using exact change) or contactless bank cards. Transfers ¹ to/from other Pace and CTA fixed route buses and trains are only available using a Ventra card or a contactless bank card ² registered with Ventra. Metra riders can also take advantage of Ventra's perks using the Ventra app. Find out more at ventrachicago.com.

Exciting new improvements are coming to the Ventra app and we want to make sure that your mobile devices are prepared to take full advantage of these new enhancements. Please make sure that the operating system in your mobile device is up to date. This will allow you to enjoy the full functionality of these new enhancements. NOTE: If you have a phone, tablet or other device running on an operating system of Android 6 and older or iOS 9 and older, you should consider updating your device or operating system. Unfortunately, these operating systems are no longer supported by their manufacturers and this may limit app functionality.

A valid RTA Reduced Fare Permit or valid Student ID must be presented when using cash to pay a reduced fare. Students, seniors, and other eligible riders with this permit can load reduced fare passes onto their Ventra cards and automatically pay the reduced fare for rides. rtachicago.org.

Free fare is provided to children under 7 ³; Benefit Access enrollees; active duty military personnel in uniform; and police officers and firefighters in uniform or with badge and ID. Additionally, service on the Niles Free Bus Routes 410, 411, and 412; the Schaumburg Trolley, and Rosemont Circulator; and the parking shuttle for events at Ravinia Festival are all free.


Fare Type

Ventra transit value

$  2.00

$  1.00


$  2.25

$  1.10

Transfer with Ventra to Regular route

$    .30

$    .20

Transfer with Ventra to Local route  in Waukegan, Elgin, Aurora & Joliet

$  Free

$  Free

Fare Type

Premium routes (with cash or Ventra)

$  4.50

$  2.25

Pace single-ride transfer to premium routes *

$  2.80

$  1.45

Pace regular pass transfer to premium routes *

$  2.50

$  1.25

Premium routes include Routes 755, 850, 851, and 855, and as well as all Express Service to Popular Destinations (ESPD) Routes that serve Wrigley Field, Guaranteed Rate Field, Soldier Field, and Six Flags Great America.

Fare Type

ADA Paratransit Service single ride

$  3.25


Book of Ten Rides

$  32.50


Taxi Access Program (TAP) (Chicago only)

$  3.00





Fare Type

Pace/CTA 30-Day Pass

$ 105.00

$  50.00

Pace/CTA 7-Day Pass

$   33.00


Pace 30-Day Pass

$   60.00

$  30.00

Pace Premium 30-Day Pass

$ 140.00

$  70.00

Pace Summer Haul Pass

$   45.00


Pace Campus Connection Semester Pass

$  175.00


Pace Campus Connection Summer Pass

$  140.00


Metra/Pace PlusBus Pass

$   30.00


Metra Link-Up Pass

$   55.00



¹ Transfers

Riders who use transit value on a Ventra card will automatically have the correct transfer cost deducted - you will never have to let the operator know you are transferring. Customers paying with cash will have to pay the full fare of the route every time they board; there are no cash transfers.

Transfers are valid within two hours of your initial boarding. An additional transfer within that timeframe is free. "Reverse riding," or riding back or farther along on the route of purchase is allowed on most routes.

Free local transfers are available on routes that exclusively serve Aurora, Joliet, Elgin and Waukegan, and are valid for one hour. Transferring from a regular route to one of these local routes is free, but transferring from a local route to a regular route still costs $.30. If you use a free local transfer and then transfer again to a regular route, your second transfer will cost $.30. Reverse riding is NOT allowed using free local transfers.

Surcharges apply when transferring to Premium Fare routes. Transfers are not available using contactless debit/credit cards.


² Paying with a contactless bank card

Riders who pay with an unregistered personal contactless credit/debit card will be charged as if paying cash, including paying full fare each time they board a vehicle. Riders can link their contactless bankcards to an unregistered (anonymous) Ventra account at any Ventra vending machine, so as to take advantage of transfers and multi-day passes. This option does not offer the benefits of registering a Ventra account, such as balance protection.


³ Children under Age 7

Children under the age of 7 ride free when accompanied by a fare-paying adult passenger. A maximum of two children can ride free with each fare-paying adult passenger. Under no circumstances will children under 7 years of age be permitted to travel alone.


Pace accepts cash and Ventra (with transit value or eligible passes loaded onto it) on its fixed route and On Demand services. Pace does not accept CTA's 1-Day (Visitor Fun Pass), 3-Day, 7-Day or U-Pass. No Pace or CTA Employee Passes or fixed route fare media are accepted on Pace ADA Paratransit Service.


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