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Posted Stops Policy

Bus Stop Appeals

You may ask to add, remove or move a bus stop here. 

On some routes (or portions of routes), passengers can board or alight the bus only at posted Pace bus stop signs. Pace believes this operation to be easier for drivers and passengers to understand, more reliable and facilitates shorter travel times for customers. Pace staff is currently working to transition most routes in its network to this type of operation.

If stakeholders in the Pace region have a concern about a bus stop (or lack of a bus stop) in any particular location, they can fill out the Bus Stop Appeals Form (below). These requests are processed by Pace staff, including a site visit, and requesters will receive a response within 3 weeks.

Bus Stop Appeals




If you are requesting to have a bus route's geographic routing changed, please email Pace Customer Relations Department rather than making that request here.



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