Attention Pace Passengers!

Route Name:   Route 569  Lewis
Notice Type: Service Change
Description: Route 569 - Lewis - Service Change -- Effective Monday, November 19, 2018

To improve on-time performance and address overcrowding on Route 569 morning trips, the following trips are being adjusted and the revised schedules are shown below:


  • Trips currently scheduled to depart Buckley/ Lewis at 6:02AM and 7:03AM are being adjusted.
Buckley/ Lewis Green Bay/ Mlk Jr. Dr. Lewis/ 14th Lewis/ 10th Lewis/ Belvidere Lewis/ Washington Waukegan High School Brookside Campus Lewis/ Glen Fora Newcastle/ Edgewood
6:02AM 6:04AM 6:06AM 6:08AM 6:10AM 6:12AM - 6:15AM 6:23AM
7:04 7:08 7:12 7:14 7:16 7:19 7:23AM SD 7:28 7:35

S - School Days Only

D - Northbound trips operate via Monroe-McAree-Brookside


  • To address overcrowding, the existing 6:33AM school trip is being adjusted to depart Newcastle/Edgewood at 6:30AM;
  • The existing 6:32AM trip is being adjusted to depart Newcastle/Edgewood at 6:30AM. Additionally, this trip will also now serve the Brookside High School on school days only.
Newcastle/ Edgewood Lewis/ Glen Fora Waukegan High School Brookside Campus Lewis/ Washington Lewis/ Belvidere Lewis/ 10th Lewis/ 14th Whispering Oaks Apts Buckley/ Lewis Washington/ Jackson
6:30AM S 6:39AM S 6:45AM SE 6:49AM SC - - - - - 6:55AM S
6:30 6:39 6:45 SE 6:49 6:51AM 6:53AM 6:55AM - 7:03AM -

S - School Days Only

E - Southbound trips operate via Monroe-McAree-Washington

C - Trips operate on Washington between Waukegan High School- Washington Campus and Lewis Avenue


Passengers are advised to plan their trip accordingly.

Thank you for your continued support of Pace service

PD 10/25/2018 Remove 12/14/18

For More Information

  • Call Pace Customer Services at (847) 364-PACE
    or the
  • RTA Travel Information Center at 836-7000 (from any local area code)
    TTY 708-339-4062
Display From: 11/1/2018
Display Until: 12/14/2018

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