Vanpool Driver Requirements

Applicable for primary and back-up driver:
  1. At least 23 years of age.
  2. Employed by present employer for one year, or other indication of stable employment.
  3. Must have current and unrestricted Driver's License and have driven for at least three years. If current driver's license is not issued by Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin, applicant must obtain a valid driver's license from one of these states within 45 days of acceptance into the Vanpool Program. Restrictions for glasses or contact lenses are acceptable. Others must be reviewed in light of #6 below.
  4. Must possess minimum Illinois collision and comprehensive insurance coverage for their own personal vehicle(s). Cancellation or non-renewal within the past three years will be closely analyzed. If the action is related to the applicant's driving behavior, this will result in rejection.
  5. Applicant will be rejected if he/she has ever been convicted of a felony and ever had a license suspension or revocation relating to reckless driving, hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, driving while otherwise impaired, or concurring violations of illegal lane usage.
  6. The highest health standards are required of van drivers. Applicant must be free of any physical condition that would be grounds for rejection as a Pace bus driver.
  7. A preferred driver will be accident-free for at least three years. However, an otherwise qualified driver may have no more than one not-at-fault accident within three years.
  8. A preferred driver will have no violations for the past two years (except parking citations). However, consideration will be given to a potential vanpool driver who has only one violation during the past five years, even if the violation occurred within the last two years. Driving histories will be confirmed by checking state records and reviewed on a bi-monthly basis. This exception does not apply to any driver with a "reckless" violation or one who has a DUI conviction.
  9. An applicant must pass a Pace-approved drug & alcohol test.
  10. An applicant who has to file a CFR due to his/her personal driving record will be rejected.
  11. Primary drivers must consent to a credit check and have a good credit history. This may not be required for shuttle drivers if the employer/agency controls credit card access/use.
  12. Routinely carrying a group of unrelated persons is not allowed (e.g., Cub Scout group, Little League, etc.). An applicant who expects to commit the van to such routine non-commuting use will be rejected. This is not permitted under shuttle operations unless prior approval is received from Pace.
  13. Drivers are expected to provide off-street parking for the van at all times.
  14. All potential drivers must complete the Pace Vanpool Defensive Driver Training Course prior to taking possession of the van.


Once the vanpool begins, drivers are required to take the van in for periodic maintenance checks and repairs. Drivers are also expected to fuel the van and have it washed once a week. For convenience, the primary driver is provided with a fuel card, maintenance card, and van wash card, all valid at numerous locations.

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