Arterial Bus Rapid Transit

Arterial BRT is a combination of Transit Signal Priority (TSP), roadway improvements including queue jump lanes and IBS along arterial routes.

Transit Signal Priority (TSP)
TSP facilitates the movement of transit vehicles through traffic-signal controlled intersections. When buses are behind schedule, special devices on the buses send signals to detectors installed at traffic-signal controlled intersections, which automatically give the bus priority by extending a green, shortening a red or providing queue jumps. TSP is a great benefit because it ensures schedule adherence and improves travel times along busy arterial routes. The time savings, though small at each intersection, create a significant decrease in travel time over the course of our entire bus route. There is evidence of this along Cermak Road where TSP has been active for several years; there has been a 7 to 20% reduction in transit travel times along this route.

Queue Jump By-pass Lanes
In addition to TSP, queue jump by-pass lanes are also a major component of Arterial BRT. Queue jump by-pass lanes in combination with bus specific signals and TSP allow buses to proceed along their route before other traffic. The idea is to enable buses to by-pass waiting queues of traffic and cut in front by getting an early green signal. Queue jump lanes are short stretches of bus lanes at traffic-signal controlled intersections. With TSP, buses in queue jump lanes receive signals to proceed before other traffic at the intersection. Queue jump lanes can be turning lanes or permit buses to move straight through intersections.

Here is a typical corridor showing Arterial BRT & advanced transit services:
Flex Routes connect neighborhoods to arterial express service and local hubs.

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