Express Bus Routes

Express bus routes operate at higher speeds than regular routes because they operate on highways and make fewer stops. These routes allow passengers to travel long distances at speeds faster than that of the automobile.

Pace plans many express bus routes in the suburbs as part of Vision 2020.

  • Express Routes:
    Bus service with a limited number of stops, either between a collector area and a specific location or in a particular corridor with stops en route at major transfer points or activity centers.

  • Bus Rapid Transit:
    BRT combines the quality of rail transit and the flexibility of buses. It can operate on bus lanes, HOV lanes, expressways, or ordinary streets.
The network of these routes will allow Pace riders to travel to a greater number of  locations in less time.

Express bus routes will make stops at transportation centers with improved passenger waiting areas.

Vision 2020 Plan: Map of Proposed Express Bus Routes

A BRT system combines a simple route layout, frequent service, limited stops, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology, passenger information systems, traffic signal priority for transit, cleaner and quieter vehicles, rapid and convenient fare collection, high-quality passenger facilities, and integration with land use policy.
~ from the Vision 2020 Glossary

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